Everyone Wants to Change the World

Back in Business

Arianna, Chase, Azazel, and Touch wake to a vid-message from an ork named MacCallister offering them a job. And some free tickets to some wiz show at Underworld 93 in Puyallup. A few hours of synthpop later, MacCallister gets down to business: A girl named Dr. Fiona Craig is missing and MacCallister’s contacts want her found asap. Not quite a milk run, but they’d done worse drek for less.

While leaving the club, a well dressed, dark-skinned dwarf with a trace of a Quebecois accent approaches them. He introduces himself as Laurent Nazaire and offers the ‘runners a bit of side business. He’s also heard that Dr. Craig is missing, but instead of the girl, he specifically wants something he believes she’s brought to Seattle: something called the Morel Stone. He’s not particularly interested in Dr. Craig, just the stone. He hires the runners to retrieve the stone.

Now with 2 reasons to find the good doctor, the runners track her from SeaTac to Mulvihill Hotel in Bellevue. A bit of B&E and they get into Fiona’s room. She’s a slob, given the rooms complete disarray, but they do find her journal, with notes to meet at Captain Jack Turner the previous night at 8pm.

The name Jack Turner leads the runners to the Ork Underground, where he seems to be a bit of a well-known smuggler. A quick escalator ride down puts the runners in a strange clash of cultures – someone is trying to gentrify the Underground and it doesn’t seem to be going well. This section almost looks like a shopping mall, or it would if half the stores weren’t badly damaged by fire. A tour is getting underway and the whole scene is confusing. Even more so when the ARO displays flicker and start displaying explicit porn and AR graffiti starts crawling up and down the walls.

A bunch of plastic punks roll out of one of the burned-out shops, laughing at their work while intimidating the soft top-siders. From behind the crowd, some real pipe-swinging tuskers calling themselves the Skraacha move in, none too happy with the metalheads jacking with the Underground. In moments, the runner are in the middle of gang-brawl that ends as quickly as it started when Knight Errant shows up. Detective Tosh Athack pulls the runners out of the scene and takes the to the station for a bit of a chat. Seems Assistant District Attorney Dana Oaks wants Jack Turner as well, but since the Ork Underground isn’t Seattle proper, she needs someone to drag him out into the open where Tosh can snag him.

Back to the Underground! Not long after wandering around, a young ork boy named Pip offers his services as a tour guide. The runners make the right decision not to mistreat the urchin and he leads them right to Pirate’s Cove, Turner’s supposed stomping grounds.

Turner’s boat is empty, but a dock worker is able to point them towards his warehouse. Arianna confirms that the place is warded, and Azazel confirms there’s some muscle upstairs. Chase tries a rather straight forward approach of knocking on the door, but no answer. Well, unless you count the sound of people taking position inside as an answer.

The runners opt for a subtle approach and go around back and pick the rear door. Chase slips in and confirms there are 4 orks inside trained on the door, along with 4 tracked drones in the ceiling. This is going to be delicate work, the runners are simply outgunned. Arianna tries to sneak in next, but trips over some loose boards and falls on her face, loudly. The drones bring their big iron to bear and the rest of the runners can only watch in horror as Arianna is blown to cat food by machine-gun fire.

Everything goes wiz turbo as the remaining 3 runners realize they have to get out of this killbox. Chase and Azazel race for the second floor under the cover of Azazel’s smoke grenade. They make short work of Turner’s remaining bodyguards and convince him to let them take the girl in exchange for his own freedom (and all the nuyen he has remaining). And all before the remaining muscle can break through the 2nd floor security door. They take Tuner’s bribe, along with the Morel Stone they find next to it.

Back at Turner’s boat, they double-cross the not-quite-paranoid-enough Turner, taking the now-unconscious smuggler and Fiona back top-side. They dump Turner off with Tosh and Knight Errant, leave Fiona with MacCallister’s contact, a man named Moreau who seems to have some connection to Aztechnology, Saeder-Krupp, and another Dragon, and finally deliver the Morel Stone to Laurent Nazaire

Picking up the Pieces


  • 3,000¥ per runner from MacCallister and Moreau for rescuing Fiona.
  • 2,000¥ per runner from Laurent Nazaire for delivering the Morel Stone to him.
  • 3,000¥ per runner from Dana Oaks for capturing Turner alive.


  • 2 — Surviving the adventure.
  • 2 — Rescuing Fiona Craig.
  • 1 — Capturing Turner alive.
  • 1 — Recovering the Morel Stone for Nazaire.

Faction Rep


  • +1 Street Cred for rescuing Fiona Craig.
  • +1 Notoriety for turning Jack Turner over to Knight Errant.


MacCallister: Loyalty 1 for rescuing Fiona Craig.
Assistant District Attorney Dana Oaks: Loyalty 2 for For capturing Turner alive and pumping him full of truth serum.
Moreau: Loyalty 1 for rescuing Fiona Craig.
Laurent Nazaire: Loyalty 1 for recovering the Morel Stone for Nazaire.


I assume that we will not divulge losing a member when we are getting the money per person. Are we splitting 4 shares 3 ways?

Back in Business

In this case, all of the Johnsons made their contracts with each of you and didn’t make any team-wide agreements. That some of you died is a bonus to them, made the job cheaper!

In the future, you can try to negotiate your contracts for the entire lump team.

Back in Business

Do you know how to enter faction rep in Hero Lab?

Back in Business

Nope, unfortunately not. But feel free to use a section of the character sheets here to store your faction rep. There’s a section you can hide just for you and the GM if you want to keep it secret.

Back in Business
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