Everyone Wants to Change the World

Chasin' the Wind

Intercepted transmission from Shadowrunner named Selina

/start encryption

Heyla Little Sis – Granddame said that you wanted me to chat, so here I am. Making sure the Family keeps speaking to each other. So. Last week, I get sent to Chicago. Great place. Especially in the winter. You should go check it out. I’ll even throw in a pizza at this great place I stopped at. Well, I would, if you ever ate that kind of thing.

Anyway. I’m in Chicago, and get beeped. Turns out there’s a side project there – which was great, because how else am I supposed to entertain myself on this business trip to Radiation Hell? We’re told to go fix some sort of ancient frequency thing that’s broken. We’re none of us mechanics, but they’re throwing us some interesting nuyen, so why not? We go.

When we get to the first tower, Scapegoat mouths off to the guard. Probably would have gotten us into something REALLY interesting, had Risk not been there. But, she was. Talked him down, so whatever hidden helpers the shorty had didn’t end up eating our faces. Cost us some, but that’s okay, as it’s really just his bankroll that was needing the extra, after having his wheels taken. So. We get in. Risk ends up figuring out the sitch, and fixing it.

The frequency goes back up, and we get another call. Another project. Strange, but it could just be what she said – a busy day. We’re to go deeper into the wreck and retrieve some tech. We go. And that’s when things get weird. We’re talking ancient sci-trid weird. We’re talking illegal things that the Family would probably want to know about weird. If I had multiple personalities, I’d have a body for each one, weird. Looks like one of those bodies escaped, after taking out some well-deserved rage on one of the drek-heads playing with her and her sisters. I know that this freak-show might have repercussions for the Family, so I try to convince the others to kill the project. No dice. We grab what we came for, and leave.

We go to the next site for the first project, and run the same techno-doctery, with Risk doing the surgery. Up goes the frequency, and we get another beep. Another job. To find the missing running body. For that wonderful Mayan Family we know. Yeah, I know, but sometimes that’s the chance you take. That’s why you were never good at this kind of thing.

I do my thing, bloodhounding her out on the Astral. We find her. Talk her into trusting us. They’re about to hand her over to the Mayans, but I’m not going to simply let her go like that. Not with the kind of upgrades that chit must have had in her. I start making rumbles, trying to convince them not to do it. “What do we even know about this guy?” things like that. They call their media contacts – you were right about that much. Turns out the Mayan contact wasn’t working for the company so much as trying to gain favor with the burning out LoneStar agent who was actually looking for the girl. We hand her over, make the other project managers happy, and we’re all just a little bit richer for the vacation. Hope this little message satisfies my Good Girl Family Obligations. I’m out.

/end encryption

Picking up the Pieces


Chase Grayson



  • 2: Completing all three goals: Replacing the Matrix nodes for Quantum Princess, retrieving data from Janus lab, and recovering Sam.
  • 2: Completing the mission without any combat
  • 2: Adventure difficulty


  • +1 Street Cred for completing the task for Quantum Princess


Gain the following Contacts at a Loyalty of 1


barrelv barrelv

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