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Copycat Killer

6 months ago...

This session we take a trip in the Wayback Machine to get some ground beneath our feet for the next mission, On A Silver Platter.

Scan This

A new cast of characters hit the scene:

And find themselves at the Big Rhino, a Seattle landmark in the Ork community known for food orks love in trolls sizes. MacCallister is there, drunk and pissed. Someone flatlined his daughter Rebecca this morning in the style of the supposedly dead Mayan Cutter and he’s nitro for a bit of street justice. He wants the drekhead responsible for it, alive. He slides the runners the address of his daughter’s place in the Ork Underground along with the comm-number of Tosh Athack, who supposedly splat-jobed the original Mayan Cutter.

The Waltzing Detective

The runners start with Tosh. They meet at a local mall and quickly discover Tosh to be a social butterfly. Or you’d think that, all the Policeman’s Ball tickets he’s trying to sell. After padding the good detective’s credstick, they get close to drek. Tosh is sure they got the right guy first time – he had a very specific MO, and it stopped after Lone Star was forced to used deadly force when he resisted arrest. He does admit there’s been 5 new murders, same MO. He says they’ve got a copycat on their hands. For some more tickets, he gives them access to Rebecca’s body. A trip to a private morgue does give some additional details. The cut-marks certainly match previous murders. And there was tissue under Rebecca’s fingernails, possibly from the attacker. It’s still beeping and booping through the computers though, so the runners take off for the murder scene.

The Bad Side of Town

Gunner knows his way around the Underground and gets the runners to Rebecca’s apartment without much problem. A bunch of Skraacha are out front and looking for a reason to pound someone’s face in. Gunner and Ms. White talk to Ca’Tan, the group’s leader, and calm things down. Two and two add up and the runners realize Ca’Tan was Rebecca’s boyfriend. He lets them into the apartment and demands a piece of the action when the runners find Rebecca’s killer.

A quick look around and Catwoman spots a bit of blood under the bathroom sink, which is nowhere near the hack-scene that is the kitchen. The runners bag-and-tag the blood and head back to the Morgue to see if the blood in any way matches what was under Rebecca’s fingernails. Hundr gives a bit to his spirit pal and they play a really long game of fetch.

The Badder Side of Town

Topside, the runners bump into another bunch of go-gangers that Gunner IDs as the Troll Killers. They talk some trash, and hurl some insults, particularly at Gunner. It’s instantly to drek hitting the fan – Gunner blows his top right as the Troll Killers try to blow him away. A brief lead fiesta on the street corner and a few of the Trollers are cat-food. Their leader is alive, but out cold, so the runners bag him and take him to Ms. White’s bolthole for advanced questioning techniques.

A bit of slap-and-tickle later, they have the leader’s comm and some basic info. The Killers got hired to run a splat-job on the runners and make it look ganger, but he doesn’t know the Johnson. The comm probably does, there’s calls on it from the Johnson that hired the job. The runners leave the Troll Killers leader in the gentle care of Gunner’s Skraacha buddies and make to Chinatown to get a Decker to track the call.

While the Decker does the beeps and boops with the comm, Hundr’s spirit returns. It’s found the blood’s owner, but is having a panic attack about something it calls the Valkyrie.

The Worst Side of Town

The spirit leads them out to the Redmond Barrens and eventually to a compound on the site of an old car dealership. Burned out cars are stacked up 3-high around the parameter and a quick look over the walls by Catwoman spots a dozen or so guys patrolling around. About that time the hired decker calls Ms. White back – he’s tracked the comm to this very compound and mentions it belongs to some twisted fragger named Shawn Walker obsessed with white supremacy and the Nazi movement. This wanker is pegging far into crazy, even for Humanis scum. Seems he was once in UCAS special forces, until he got kicked out after the tussle in Denver during the Year of the Comet. He had captured some Azzies, and was torturing them.

The runners are sure this is the place, but still have no clue how avoid turning into nutra-paste in the attempt. Gunner calls in Ca’Tan and his crowd and the more-than-willing distraction roar into the compound once Hundr sticks his sticky fingers in one of the jackboots and has them open a gate. Once the pyrotechnics are in full swing, Hundr and Catwoman come over another wall, while Gunner and Ms. White ride in behind everything. Catwoman gets a little toasty opening the back door, but with so much attention drawn to the pissed off orks shooting up the place on the other side, there isn’t much trouble getting in place. Unfortunately, the orks are out-gunned, and there are at least 2 sets of magic fingers on the Humanis payroll. Those who can make a run for it, leaving the runners inside the building, but short the entertainment portion of their program.

There’s a lot of chin scratching until Catwoman offers to drop NeroStun on the crowd. Gunner pops some smoke and the kitty goes up into the drop ceiling. She quietly places her surprise, but it’s spotted by one hell of a huge spirit straight out of a viking trid. The thing obliterates her grenade with this massive sword (and part of the concrete floor under it), but only further disburses the gas. Shawn sees his companions dropping out and decides suicide by runner is better than going out like a bitch. He charges through the smoke only to have Gunner send smoke out his ears and fry some of his metal bits via a few rounds of stick-and-shock. His guard-dog spirit charges Gunner and tries to give him one hell of a haircut. Its massive sword gets stuck in a wall and Catwoman makes use of her perch in the (now ripped open) ceiling to neatly slice the spirit into bits.

Before the rest of Shawn’s fanclub can recover, the runners beat feet. MacCallister gives them an adress of a warehouse in Tacoma.

Swift Justice

At the warehouse with MacCallister are people obviously related to Rebecca, along with this Amerind wearing fringed leather and carrying a sword no one knows. MacCallister demands the commlink and the Cutter, then tells the runners he’ll meet them at the Rhino in an hour if they don’t want to watch what’s next. Gunner hangs around. The Amerind steps forward and grabs the copycat’s head on each
side, and his hands glow. You can see the shamanic mask of a Coyote appear around his head as he casts a spell. Light ripples across the body of the cutter, he screams, and then the light fades. He steps back and smiles grimly at MacCallister. “Got everything, Bull”.

The dark haired human woman, likely Rebecca’s mother, steps forward and pulls a Ruger Warhawk from her purse. She doesn’t even blink, and in one simple motion puts the gun to the copycat’s temple and creates her own Jackson Pollock.

MacCallister meets the runners as pays up without much talk. He’s still obviously in a bad way, but content to know the man who murdered his daughter is no more.

Picking up the Pieces

This Karma can carry back over to a player’s other character, but cannot be added to the Prime runners used in this mission. All other rewards, Money, Reputation, and Contacts, are tied to the characters involved in the run.


  • 8,000¥ per runner for delivering Shawn Walker to MacCallister alive.
  • -1,200¥ total in Policeman’s Ball tickets to Tosh Athack.


  • 1 Karma for stopping the copycat Mayan Cutter by any means.
  • 1 Karma for capturing the cutter alive.
  • 2 Karma for the overall difficulty of this mission.
  • 1 Karma for the creative solution to the standoff.

Faction Rep


  • +2 Street Cred for taking care of the Mayan Cutter


  • MacCallister: Loyalty is set to 4, or increased by 2, whichever is higher.


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