Everyone Wants to Change the World

Hiding in the Dark

Part 1

The runners again find themselves employed by the Badge. A crimewave is banging up Downtown Seattle. Civilians are getting caught in the middle and all attempts at undercover Bacon end up fried. Assistant District Attorney Dana Oaks wants it stopped and after the runner’s last bit of business, she’s fairly certain that this guy Junior is the next one up the chain.

Detective Tosh Athack acts as a liaison for ADA Oaks. He gives the runners a list of three spots the police are fairly certain are Junior’s hangouts, but they haven’t been able to pin anything yet. He doesn’t hide his dislike of the runners, but he’s pretty vocal about doing anything to get a shot a the people offing his officers.

On the way out of the combat biker themed restaurant, Joe Martin of NewsNET and Athena Tatopoulos of KSAF both contact the runners, offering payment and favors for leads on breaking news.

Junior’s Operations

Mike’s Deli

The runners stumbled into a bunraku den under a questionable deli. They’re too late to stop Dr. Tojiro from making another meat-puppet, but do bust up the operation. Tosh shows up to arrest the immoral street doc and the rest of the patrons.

Abandoned Apartment Building

The runners find a condemned apartment building serving as a BTL den. Other than the chipheads, they find a guy calling himself Drekhead. Drekhead seems a little a lot off, but seems to take care of the burnouts for all the wrong reasons. He tells the runners about a fight that happened recently between the guys selling the BTLs and space ghouls. He’s hard to follow, but does sorta ID one of the missing undercover agents. The body’s gone (regular ghouls, he says), but he still has the badge. He sells it to Azazel

Spikes’ Homebase

Finally, the runners end up at a brownstone near the docks in northern Downtown . They call Tosh to figure out the gang symbols and realize they’re staring at the drug den of the Spikes, a troll go-gang that don’t mind playing a bit of skeet with errant drones (much to the rigger’s dismay). Chase Grayson bluffs her way in as a potential bulk buyer for the Seattle club scene. The Spikes don’t want any of the action, but they do take their cut and refer the group where they can bump into Junior’s goons.

Junior’s Hangouts

Murphy’s Law

Their first stop is an Irish pub in Downtown called Murphey’s Law. The place is a real splat-job. Again Tosh is on the scene and in one hell of a rage. Shit went down between the Finnegan family and Shotozumi-Gumi and more regular folk got caught in the drek-storm. The runners don’t hang around long – the gruesome scene isn’t good for keeping one’s kibble in place.

Gravity Bar

Gravity bar is a ritzy place for Collars with disposable nuyen. Touch looks around a bit until some Spirits of Man start looking back.. Chase and Azazel make their way in and end up in an output measuring contest with some goons of Junior’s. Comms crackle, and the goons are suddenly helpful, to a point. Junior is in the Ork Underground and they’re free to go down there after him.

Picking up the Pieces


  • -150¥ for the badge and info from Drekhead
  • -50¥ “Cover Charge” to meet with Little Bill of the Spikes
  • -700¥ Finder’s Fee for Little Bill to point the group to Murphy’s Law and Gravity Bar
  • Possible payments from NewsNET or KSAF if players choose to contact either.


  • 2 – Good session and roleplaying


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