Everyone Wants to Change the World

On a Silver Platter

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Ms. White

Big Ba-Da-Boom

MacCallister’s been cagy for a while now, but finally tags the runners for a new run. They take a stroll down into the Ork Underground to the Gold Mine, which by some means Mac now owns. The runners get there about the time that someone skrags the place. The Skraacha show with fire gear and dig a barely alive MacCallister out of the rubble. Touch stabilized the dying ork and the runners rush through the Ork Underground to Doc What, an ancient street doc of much talent and little memory.

Tosh Athack shows up with his own crew of misfits. Mac had him on retainer it seems and he’s got the details on what Mac’s been up to. Mac’s tracked the copycat Mayan Killer that murdered his daughter back to George Mathers, a VP of Public Relations at Knight Errant’s Seattle branch. Tosh and his Black Knights can’t go near Mathers, since they also work for Knight Errant, so he hires them on Mac’s behalf to dig up some dirt on the exec.

How the Other Half Live

The runners quickly realize that Mathers has gone to ground recently – hasn’t been in the office or seen in public in a few days. They opt to rattle his home-cage and see what falls out. House is swank, but empty. And the library is full of creepy living magic wood, Selina discovers. Inside of said living wood bookshelf, the runners find a old-model safe, with an equally old data node on the inside. They snatch the hardware and race a Knight Errant Response Team off of the property.

Ms. White knows a console cowboy who can pop the node. They agree to meet him at the Big Rhino . Nuyen greases the data-jacks and the decker pops the node without much trouble. He drops some ARO files into the hands of runners, then gets a look of a man living on yesterday’s Nutrisoy paste. WIth no other words, he closed his deck, tossed his comm on the table and walked out, leaving both behind. Sensing imminent fecal oscillation, the runners set an ambush and crack some Humanis skulls when they turn up a few minutes later to retrieve the node.

Reviewing the datafiles, the runners find piles of blackmail material linking Mathers to Edmund Jeffries, Kenneth Brackhaven‘s press secretary and then Mathers to the Copycat Killer himself. It also makes it fairly clear that Mathers is likely hiding out at the Humanis compound in Redmond. There’s also some info that makes it sound like Tosh’s Black Knights have a spy in their midsts. They call up Tosh and give him the rundown and the heads up.

Mathers tries to play a run-around on the whole drekpile and leaks the same info to Assistant District Attorney Dana Oaks. She calls Tosh and the runners and makes it clear that she expects any criminals to be turned into the proper authorities. Which she seems to think is her.

Hacking Up One Hell of a Furball

Runners put eyes on the Humanis compound and Ms. White and Selina are instantly surprised at how much more mil-spec hardware is now up-and-running. The rusted out junk-car walls are now higher, with guard towers and mini guns. Something insides zips one of Touch’s astral buddies like it’s nothing.

The runners empty their pockets and don’t find an army, so they start pulling in resources. Tosh’s group show up to crack heads, but Tosh warns he can’t get any other Knight Errant resources without the ADA’s involvement. The runners aren’t interested in a game of cops and robbers, so Ms. White calls up some MCT contacts and get an attack chopper and some cylons on lease, and a stern warning not to scratch the paint on either. They also convince the Skraacha to get involved, offering them a chance to get some real revenge on these Humanis assholes.

Azazel and Selina dirtnap the tower-bunnies, along with their heavy heat. The hired help slam into the southern side of the compound as the runners and Tosh’s people attack the north-western entrance. Azazel’s pucker factor goes off the charts after a spirit rattles his jimmies and has to pull back. About the same time, a wack-sparker goes for broke and KOs most of Tosh’s crew, along with Ms. White. This gets the razorguys in a twist, so they fight to the runner’s position, bringing their airpower with them. Ms. White gets a bit of go-juice right in the ticker, but is neg on an extraction. With the added firepower, the runners bust into the old car dealership, Tosh gets a bit rough-and-tumble with Mathers, and GTFO with their target. Touch sneaks off to help the Skraacha. Everyone makes it out alive, minus Tosh’s Black Knight hacker whose card got punched by Tosh himself as the traitor.

… And Justice For All

The runners and Tosh take Mathers to the same docks as Ms. White and Selina delivered Shawn Walker 6 months ago. Many of the same people are here, even MacCallister is there, wheelchair bound, missing an arm, and still worse for wear. The years show a lot more on his face now, but he’s alert. He pays the runners, along with something extra for saving his life. With their business done, Mac’s son escorts them outside, to the sounds of Mathers’ screams coming from the inside.

Picking up the Pieces

This Karma can carry back over to a player’s other character. All other rewards, Money, Reputation, and Contacts, are tied to the characters involved in the run.


  • 10,000¥ per runner to returning Mathers to MacCallister
  • 1,000¥ per runner for saving MacCallister’s life
  • -2,500¥ for Doc What’s services
  • -3,000¥ for the decker’s services
  • -7,000¥ for the use of MCT’s security forces


  • 1: Saving MacCallister after the Gold Mine explosion.
  • 1: Successfully breaking into George Mathers’ villa without help from Tosh.
  • 1: Discovering the Black Knights traitor.
  • 1: Recovering Mathers’ hidden nexus and getting it decrypted.
  • 2: Capturing George Mathers alive.
  • 3: Surviving the adventure

Faction Rep


  • +1 Street Cred for capturing Mathers.
  • +1 Street Cred for killing more than 12 Humanis Policlub members.
  • +1 Public Awareness for triggering the PanicButton at Mathers’ villa and have to run from Knight Errant.



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