Everyone Wants to Change the World

Rally Cry (part 1)

A Johnson flashes nuyen and invites the runners to Downtown Seattle to visit him at the Howling Goblin. Turns out to be MacCallister who’s hoping to tag up Governor Brackhaven’s rep with a bit of Humanis drek. The Governor lives in his glass tower, so MacCallister wants you to work with a toady of his, Congressman James Grey. Your job is plop Grey down in the middle of the Humanis rally taking place tomorrow down at Metroplex Hall. Do it without much flash and he promises a nice bonus.

The good congressman lives in Bellevue, but has a kept girl named Naomi Wilson up in Auburn. That’s the link the runners opt to exploit. Touch chases off the spirit of air snooping around her apartment building and Chase tries to lean on Naomi, but gets nowhere fast. The Doughnut Squad show up to figure out who’s poking around the mistress’s building, but Chase slinks back out leaving them none the wiser.

Azazel keeps tabs on the Congressman and his driver. He tails the pair back to the Congressman’s apartment and two hours later follows him on the way to his mistress’s apartment. Unfortunately, Naomi’s alerted the Congressman’s badge-team and they spot Azazel tailing the Congressman’s car. Azazel spots the black sedan and pulls off the freeway, hoping to shake his new friends on some side streets. It all goes to drek when a GMC Bulldog cuts him off, causing Azazel to swerve to avoid the collision. A couple of MilSpec cylons and a hit-mage pile out of the Bulldog while the black sedan following closes off the street behind them. It’s a real life action trid as the goons behind Azazel light him (and his Americar) up with dozens of rounds of stick-n-shock, followed by nero-gas . Azazel stumbles out of the killzone, but ends up taking a second nero-gas grenade to the noggin for his trouble. He’s tagged-and-bagged, and the last bit the runners hear from his commlink is that he’s being taken down to Metroplex for processing.


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