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Splintered State, part 2

Caveat Venditor

As the sirens of DocWagon head into the distanct, carrying Varick Wolff’s body with it, the remaining characters take stock. Arianna and Dred both ran off into the night, leaving the remaining four to pick up the pieces.

First things first – what the hell is this commlink? Azazel reaches out to a contact who decypts what she can of the document. The results are fuzzy, and she says she can’t do more without the other half of the encryption key.

Without much else of a lead, and with a bullseye on their back, the players are quick to want to get rid of the commlink. They reach out to Agent Dietrich and schedule a drop at the Fort Lewis Zoological Park. Public, in the heart of UCAS Territory, what could go wrong? Well, for starters, a sniper could blow out Dietrich’s neck right as he and Chase make the swap. Secondly, that sniper’s bullet could crack the glass in the basilisk enclosure behind Dietrich. FInally, a pair of cyborg assassins packing milspec ’ware could show up. Man, wouldn’t that be terrible?

Everyone gets out alive, and mostly unscathed, not counting Dietrich (who’s dead before he hits the pavement). Having a firefight in a middle of a crowded public zoo gains some unwanted attention (and civie body-count). They players hole up in a nearby hotel and trying to catch their breath. Thanks to Chase’s quick thinking, they have the cred-stick (which actually has the 100,000 nuyen), the commlink, plus the commlink Seth was carrying before his unfortunate and violent tracheostomy. And now they’re back at square 1. Squared. Two commlinks now, plus one hell of a payday. And still the target on their backs.

They don’t sweat long. Azazel’s comm has a vid-message from Karen King, a higher-up at Ares. Chase finds a audio-only message from an unidentified asian gentleman on her commlink. Eliza Bloom calls the group, as does Gregory Zane. While the words are different, the messages are all the same. They want the commlinks. Now. All are willing to pay, some more than others. The player feel like they’re about to be the one holding the chum-bucket in a feeding frenzy and have to quickly decide on a seller.

The unnamed asian gentleman eventually wins out. The group feel confident that it’s MCT, who they believe has already sent one hitsquad. And it sounds as if the gentleman has a concrete plan for the data that will lead to Brackhaven’s downfall. The group agree to a 200,000 nuyen payday and a drop-site at a park in the International District.

MCT rolls heavy. A Nissan Hound (attack copter) arrives moments before the scheduled pickup time and floods the area in light. Two armored Hyundai Shin-Hyung sedans wheel in and six assault-rifle armed men pile out to secure the scene. Finally, a stunningly beatiful asian woman with a metal briefcase steps from the back of the sedan and introduces herself as Kiyoko Inoue. She opens the padded case and asks Chase to place the two commlinks inside. With the case closed and handed off to the guard behind her, Inoue fishes a credstick out of her sleeve and hands it to Chase. Bowing, she thanks the group for their assistance and then they make a quick exit – the whole interaction taking place in less than 2 minutes.

With the attack copter’s sound dissipating, the players hear the sound of other vehicles approaching. They make themselves scarce, seeing two armored vans roar into the clearing with Gregory Zane and others like him piling out. Looks like the players missed one hell of a confrontation by mere minutes.

Picking up the Pieces


  • 1,000¥ apiece for bringing Oxycode’s commlink to Mr. Johnson.
  • 100,000¥ for the team to split up (taken off of Seth Dietrich’s body).
  • 200,000¥ for the team to split up for selling the commlink to the un-named asian buyer (assumed to be MCT)


  • 2 Karma for each character that survived the adventure.
  • 1 Karma for stealing Oxycode’s commlink.
  • 2 Karma for surviving the Zoo ambush
  • 1 Karma for selling Dietrich’s commlink to the unnamed buyer
  • 4 Karma for the overall difficulty of the opposition throughout the adventure.


  • Receive a point of Notoriety and a point of Public Awareness for the zoo gun battle.



Players who didn’t show for Part 2 don’t gain the Picking up the Pieces stuffs, right? or do they? (I’m GREEDY!)

Splintered State, part 2

You’ll get:

1,000¥ for bringing Oxycode’s commlink to Mr. Johnson.

1 Karma for stealing Oxycode’s commlink.
1 Karma for surviving the first session
1 Karma for suviving the McHuges assault

Gain ‘Imaginary’ Annie Goldsmith, Invisible Esquire as a contact at Loyalty 1

It’s up to the other players (or more specifically, their characters) on cutting you in on the 300,000¥ windfall of last session. But I think they’ve already divvied that money up.

Splintered State, part 2

I spent my quarter already lol

Splintered State, part 2

Yeah, I figured that was the case. And it would be really odd for the character to just give another Shadowrun some scratch for not being there.

Also, everyone – please email me your updated characters. However you choose to do it, but I’m really partial to Herolab .por files :)

Splintered State, part 2
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