'Imaginary' Annie Goldsmith, Invisible Esquire

Go-to gal for criminal defense or shady dealings that may lead to a need for a good criminal attorney


She’s cute and slight, with short, neon-orange hair and a dusting of freckles. She looks all of fourteen, but talks like a high-speed robot built for dispensing rapid-fire legal jargon. And for some reason, she busted all of your out of a Knights Errant holding cell pro bono.


Criminal Defense Lawyer, Fixer

Connection Rating: 4

Knowledge Skills: Criminal Law, Fences, Law Enforcement, Local Politics, Seattle Area Knowledge, Street Rumors

Uses: Jobs, Information, Law-related favors

In her youth, Annie noticed a major problem in the legal system. All too seldom were criminal lawyers really able to identify, sympathize with, and get behind the needs of their clients (most of whom were in fact criminals).

Annie decided the way to rectify this was that more criminals should become lawyers, and she led the charge herself. Since then, she has been a very successful criminal defense attorney and fixer; she’s stayed off of the radar of major law enforcement, but those in the know in the Seattle shadows will often recommend her as a go-to gal for criminal defense or the general shady dealings that may well lead to a need for a good criminal attorney.

'Imaginary' Annie Goldsmith, Invisible Esquire

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