Johnny “Junior” Torinni

Godfather of the Ork Underground


An immaculately dressed male Italian ork with tanned olive skin.


Johnny Torinni is a rare Ork underground success story. Born and raised in poverty, he was determined to make something of himself. He tried enrolling in classes at the local colleges, but was turned away due to his lack of SIN and what he perceived as racism toward someone from the Underground. He worked multiple part time jobs, saving his money and eventually buying a small bar along the Tourist Highway. Shrewd business practices made the bar a financial success, and Johnny soon invested in more and more businesses, becoming one of the wealthiest members of the Underground. Dedicated to helping the Underground become more prosperous, he poured his money into improving it, and even began making deals through contacts he made with the Finnegan crime family. When the Tourist Highway burned last year, he needed a lot more money to help rebuild it, so he became more and more involved in the Finnegan’s Downtown enterprises, his same dedication and hard work quickly earning him a spot as a Lieutenant.

Torinni will do anything to protect the residents of the Underground, even if that means that Topsiders have to suffer. He is full of lingering prejudices and his own form of racism against non-orks and non-residents.

Johnny “Junior” Torinni

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