Juan Xihuitl


A mid-sized troll with dark skin, clearly Aztlaner by the looks of him. He’s in a suit, but he wears an Aztec neckpiece in place of the tie. He wears his dark hair in a long ponytail.


Juan Xihuitl (Pronounced similar to “She-Wheat”) is a Mr. Johnson for Aztechnology. Juan represents AZT’s interests in Chicago, and is interested in using Project: Takeback to recover as many of AZT’s lost assets as possible, including Aztechnology’s lost Pyramid/Arcology. He’s a very traditionalist corper, and smart runners tread lightly around him as he sees them as they really are: deniable, disposable assets. He doesn’t play games, he doesn’t tolerate fools, and he doesn’t coddle shadowrunners.

  • Connection Rating: 5
  • Knowledge Skills: Aztlaner Cuisine, Aztlaner Sports (ollamaliztli), Chicago Area, Corporate Finances, Corporate Rumors (Aztechnology), Corporate Security (Aztechnology), History (Central American), Psychology
  • Uses: Jobs, Corporate Information, Gear

Juan Xihuitl

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