Kenneth Brackhaven

Mayor of Seattle


Kenneth Brackhaven was born in Bellevue in 2011, the heir to the Brackhaven Investments business and family fortune. After graduating with an MBA from Harvard Business School, Brackhaven went to work for the family company, rising steadily through the ranks. He took over ownership and management of the company after his father’s death in 2044. He also started the Citizens Coalition for Security (CCFS), a political action group aimed primarily at improving law enforcement and acting as a watchdog organization.

Brackhaven ran for President of the UCAS in 2057 as the Archconservative Party candidate. His presidential campaign suffered a severe setback when the media revealed that Kenneth Brackhaven was not biologically related to the Brackhaven family, but an orphan secretly adopted to replace the Brackhavens’ biological son, who died in childhood. Despite the devastating effect of this revelation, Brackhaven’s impassioned public apology and statement of principles allowed him to finish second in the popular vote after President Dunkelzahn.

Returning home to Seattle, Mr. Brackhaven set aside his political ambitions for a time, focusing on Brackhaven Investments, but he returned to the political arena in 2070 when he declared his candidacy for Governor of Seattle. He competed in a close race with candidate Josephine Dzughashvili until she was forced to withdraw due to health reasons, handing Brackhaven the election.

Governor Brackhaven is a widower with no children.

Kenneth Brackhaven

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