Male Ork Fixer


MacCallister is a former shadowrunner, an older ork and a “decker not a hacker, fraggit” in his own words. He ran the shadows for over a decade before retiring, and recently returned to Seattle to start a new career as a fixer, still carries his beat up ancient cyberdeck (With a modern bleeding edge commlink mounted inside the case), and he peppers his speech with out of date slang like “drek,” “frag,” and “hoop.” He’s confident and good natured. He has a ton of contacts in the shadow community and uses them to great effect. He’s been acting as the front man for the Metahuman rights groups for a couple months now, working toward legitimizing the Ork Undergorund.


Faction: Ork Underground
Connection Rating: 5

Knowledge Skills: Insect Spirits, Matrix BBS and VPNs, Metahuman Rights Organizations, Ork Underground, Safehouses, Seattle Politics, Security Systems, Shadowrunner Lore

Uses: Getting Jobs, Buying & Fencing Gear, Street Rumors

Places to Meet: Big Rhino, Underworld 93, Dante’s Inferno, higher end nightclubs and bars.


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