Sam is a female human with dark hair and piercing blue eyes. She is of medium height (1.63 m) and has medium frame and build. When the players last saw her, she was dressed in an armor jacket that’s several sizes too large for her and a set of dirty, bloodstained green scrubs, all marked with the Janus Industries logo.


According to Nick Ryder, her full name is Samantha Carroll, a young girl kidnapped at 6 who’s been missing until you found her on the streets of Chicago. However, it looked like there were at least 11 copies of her at that Janus facility.

Samantha has amnesia and remembers little from the last 20 years. She was left to the care of Nick Ryder. She is, at best, a weak source of information at this time.

  • Connection Rating: 1
  • Knowledge Skills: Chicago City Knowledge, Technomancer Organizations
  • Uses: Data Retrieval, Matrix combat


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