Seth Dietrich

murdered FBI Agent


Brown haired, Anglo-human normie , Dietrich would be completely boring if it weren’t for his twitchy behavior. Closer inspection shows he’s obviously full of head-ware. There are 2 data-jacks at his temple, and then two others at the base of his skull


The players haven’t had much luck figuring out Dietrich’s past. And the bullet that blew out his neck hasn’t helped anything. They’ve pieced together enough to know that he was an FBI Agent, a talented hacker, and somehow involved in an investigation regarding Kenneth Brackhaven, Humanis, and something called Operation Daybreak.

During their one face-to-face interaction with Seth, he identified himself as Jake Armitage at first. He acted like a completely different person with no knowledge of the players, his commlink, or their deal. The players have no clue who Jake Armitage might be, but once shown the commlinks, he began identifying as Seth once again.

Seth Dietrich

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