Simon Andrews


What can only be described as a human-sized dragon, decked out in neo- Brit anarchist wannabe threads and sporting at least twenty individual pieces of flair from concerts around the globe. Your mind almost fills in the lizard-hiss as he speaks.


Simon is an odd individual. A full body changeling, he appears to be a bipedal lizard-man with a thick, scaly hide. He’s also a traditional British punk, wearing a battered leather vest covered in graffiti, anarchy symbols, and punk band buttons. He has a lizardfish frill running front-to-back on his head that he paints up like a multi-colored Mohawk. He revels in being a freak, will hit on almost anything that moves, and likes to snack on live white mice. He’s direct and in your face, but is utterly loyal to “Master Lofwyr,” and serves as the dragon’s eyes and ears in Chicago, working as an independent agent and fixer for Saeder-Krupp.

  • Connection Rating: 5
  • Knowledge Skills: Kaiju Monster Movies, London Area, Magical Theory, Neo-Anarchist Movement, Saeder-Krupp Politics, Seattle Area
  • Uses: Corporate Rumors, Magical Knowledge, Magical Gear

Simon Andrews

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