Everyone Wants to Change the World

Session 1
Splintered State, part 1

A motley crew of rookie shadowrunners (the PCs) are arrested by Knight Errant detectives on trumped-up charges. For a change, the runners really are innocent (of those charges, at least), having had nothing to do with last night’s hijacking of a truckload of commlinks in Tacoma. They don’t have to sweat long in KE detention before a public defender, the notorious (and famously but unprovably corrupt) criminal attorney and fixer ‘Imaginary’ Annie Goldsmith, Invisible Esquire, comes to bail them out. Having a bunch of hardened crooks in one place, Annie offers them a job.

The runners meet with a Mr. Johnson at a no-frills bar called Banshee in the Redmond Barrens. They are hired for a B&E job that must be completed that night. They’re supposed to retrieve a commlink belonging to a drug dealer named Oxycode from his room (312) at the Novelty Hills Sleep and Eat. The pay is not amazing, but the job goes easy and without complications. When the runners penetrate the almost nonexistent security at the no-tell motel, they find Oxycode dead, and not one but two commlinks.

When the runners return to Mr. Johnson with the commlinks, he is able to determine which is his. While he is intrigued by the other, he’s not particularly interested in it without some digital B&E on the device itself.

Around midnight, a man identifying himself as Special Agent Dietrich contacts the commlink. He claims he owns the device and he needs critical data held on it for his investigation. When he gets no response from that, he appeals to the shadowrunner in them all: 100,000 nuyen for the commlink and no questions on how they came into possession of it.

The runners gather back at a nearby McHugh’s to discuss Dietrich’s offer. Unfortunately, while pondering what to make of this offer, a hit-squad of what can only be described as ninjas blast out the window and attack the group. The blitz-attack is over fast, with Varick knocked unconscious and a number of the ninja dead.

Session Zero

Session Zero bookkeeping. Discussed what we wanted from a game.

  • Shadowrun 5th
  • Set in Seattle
  • Monthly game
  • Character material limited to Shadowrun 5th core by default.unless GM approval
  • Story elements that link characters to the setting and continue session-to-session
    • Casual enough links that 1 player missing a game will not stop the game
  • Not every interaction will be fair. Cakewalks are possible with good planning or just dumb luck. Character Death is also possible.
  • The world is not static. Grudges and favors carry forward. Notoriety can be a real problem.
  • Inter-character conflict is limited to good-natured ribbing.
Also played through the Free RPG demo. Discovered what we needed to study in-depth.

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