Downtown Seattle


Nikola Taul, the charming new mayor of Downtown, comes from a Russian immigrant family that has been in the Seattle area since before the founding of the metroplex. She served as a member of the Downtown District Council for twelve years before her run for the mayor’s office, on a platform of cleaning up Downtown and restoring the jewel of the Emerald City to peak condition. Mayor Taul knows her way around Metroplex Hall quite well, and she has been enthusiastically pursuing the work of sprucing up Downtown, tapping whatever metroplex funds she can to do it. Seattle media has adopted “Downtown Taking Its Taul” as a catchphrase for the mayor’s new programs and their cost.

Notable Locations

Murphy’s Law

At the corner of Cedar Street & Western Avenue sits a simple Irish Pub. A long bar, a few booths, and a couple pool tables in the back. There are not many occasions when it is worth braving a seedy atmosphere just for the food, but Murphy’s Law is one of them because they serve some of the best pizza in the metroplex. Still, with the dim, smoky haze, smell of stale beer, and run-down environment, take-out remains your best option.

The Gravity Bar

The Gravity Bar on Stewart and First is an upscale martini bar popular with the younger crowd looking to hook up with a hot date. It’s a popular nightspot for locals and visitors alike, a transparent effort to recreate the New York martini bar in Seattle, this place is still popular with suits and straight-citizens looking to blow off some steam (and maybe find a new friend for the night).

The Howling Griffin

This small bar was barely making it when its cover band got discovered in the goblin rock craze. Since then it has had a cult following that comes to dance the night away on the dance floor or bang it out in the mosh pit. The backrooms occasionally see Trideo, Inc. signing what it hopes is the next up-and-coming star from the bar, but more often the rooms are used for a coming-of-age celebration.

The Big Rhino

The Big Rhino is a Seattle landmark that specializes in authentic ork cuisine and is also home to one of several public entrances to the Ork Underground. Everything here, including the furniture, is built for an ork or a troll, so other races tend to feel a bit undersized. The food is all incredibly spicy and they have an impressive beer list, with the house specialty being the Big Rhino Hard Cider that only comes in a huge mug and kicks like a mule.


Aztechnology, MTC, NeoNET, Telestrian Industries, Universal Omnitech ,and Wuxing all have a major presence in the Downtown area. Many use Seattle as their North American division headquarters.

Renraku Arcology

The Renraku Arcology — formerly known as the Self-Contained Industrial-Residential Environment (SCIRE), and now known as Arcology Commercial and Housing Enclave (ACHE) — was (and possibly still is) the ninth largest building in the world, and is a major landmark in modern Seattle.

Originally was home to over 90,000 Renraku employees and family members. The SCIRE served as a shopping mall, industrial complex, and basically self-contained private city of Renraku within the Seattle Metroplex. In the aftermath of the events known as Arcology Shutdown (2059-2061), the building was turned over to Seattle government, and turned into a massive public housing project.

Downtown Seattle

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