Ork Underground

The Ork Underground is vast. Following the Great Seattle Fire of 1889, the city opted to simply build over the old Downtown. Many of the buildings that could be repaired now had their original first floor underground, and even many of the streets remained intact. In the mid 20th century the Underground was partly restored as a tourist destination. After the Awakening and Goblinization, it became a haven for many metahumans, and following the Night of Rage had become a refuge for a large portion of the metahuman population of Seattle.

By 2050, the Underground had been built up and expanded into a thriving district in its own right, though it has never been regarded as such by the City of Seattle. It has its own unofficial mayor, its own police force (since Knight Errant, and Lone Star before them, almost never step foot into the Underground), and entire commercial and residential sections. The entire Underground network has never been properly mapped out and stretches throughout Downtown and beyond.

The citizens of the Underground still don’t trust topsiders, as they call anyone who lives on the surface. They put up with the tourists, since that’s a major source of income for many residents, but they’re not fond of people just randomly wandering around the Underground, especially outside of what they call the Tourist Highway, which is the public area of the Underground where tours run. So getting information can be difficult.

Not long ago Alamos 20,000 attacked the Ork Underground and set a large portion of the Tourist Highway on fire. The faint smell of smoke still lingers in the air, many buildings are still fire-gutted ruins, and the walls are blackened with soot.

The Underground is constantly being expanded and under development. In some sections, if it weren’t for the ever-present ceiling, it would be easy to mistake it for neighborhood streets topside. Two and three story buildings, markets, stores, factories, and even legitimate businesses all call the Underground home.

Notable Locations

Tourist Highway

There are two easily accessible public entrances, one in the basement of Lordstrung’s department store, the other under the Big Rhino, a restaurant that serves “authentic” ork cuisine. Lordstrung’s is the largest and most easily accessible of the two main public entrances, and is the only one open 24/7. The Lordstrung’s entrance is a pair of large double escalators on one side of the first floor of the department store. There is an entrance to the street here, and the section can be sealed off when the department store is closed. There is a two-man Knight Errant post stationed here at all times and a pair of heavy security turrets guard the entrance.

Not long ago Alamos 20,000 attacked the Ork Underground and set a large portion of the Tourist Highway on fire. The faint smell of smoke still lingers in the air, many buildings are still fire-gutted ruins, and the walls are blackened with soot. Regular gang brawls between pro and anti Ork Underground groups risk collapsing the entire Tourist Highway concept.

Pirates’ Cove

The pungent smell of fish and stagnant seawater assault one’s nose when arriving at the Pirate’s Cove. A sprawling town in its own right, the cove resides inside an enormous cavern, the ceiling easily a hundred meters above your head. Crescent shaped, the cove is almost two kilometers wide, and dozens of boats are docked along the rough piers jutting out from the shoreline. Most are small, private boats, though there are several larger fishing trawlers that would be idea for smuggling small goods past the Seattle Ports.

The Narrows

Rainer’s eruption during the Great Ghost Dance spawned massive earthquakes that fractured the bedrock into a spider web of narrow passages, most no more than a few feet across. Residents of the Narrows represent a level of crushing poverty on par with the worst of the Barrens. There are no Skraacha patrols here and no gang lays claim to this area. Over the years the Narrows have spawned countless rumors of madness and horror, a reputation compounded by the rate of murders and suicides that occur there.

The Goblin Market

The Goblin Market, the Ork Underground’s true black market, has changed locations frequently over the years, always staying just ahead of the willingness of the police to launch an enforcement raid. The Goblin Market has two major purposes. First, it provides a relatively secure location for various groups, notably the Cascade Orks, to move smuggled goods. Secondly, it is the only place in the Underground that tolerates organized crime. The Yakuza, the Vory, and the Triads work through intermediaries here, selling vices which cannot be found elsewhere in the Underground. The residents living near the Goblin Market act as spotters, alerting merchants to the approach of any unwelcome visitors. If you are looking for guns, drugs, chips, or anything else illegal, the Goblin Market likely has it.

Merchants in the Goblin Market also do a brisk but quiet business selling gene-hacked fruits and vegetables. Farmers covertly sell their modded produce without having to worry about some corp suit looking into their licenses.

The Gold Mine

The Gold Mine is located at the southwest side of the Tourist Highway, not too far from the Big Rhino’s entrance. At first, it looks like a simple, natural cave entrance wedged in between a boutique shop and a booth selling “authentic” hand-crafted Cascade Ork souvenirs. The cave is dimly lit and an ancient looking, hand-lettered wooden sign that simply reads “Gold Mine” has been hung above the cave entrance. Several wooden crates and a couple scattered shovels and pickaxes add to the illusion that this is the entrance to an 18th century mine.

After a short, dark tunnel you emerge into a dim but high-tech and well furnished night club. A large bar dominates one end of the club, and a stage for exotic dancers dominates the other. Tables and booths are strategically placed throughout the club, and the low pulse of NeoClassic Rock pulses through the club

Ork Underground

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