Seoulpa Rings

Remnants of the Yakuza purge of non-Japanese members, a handful of Koreans survived and regrouped in a cells. This made them harder to track down and eliminate. Only two Rings survive as any real threat to power in Seattle.

The Choson Ring

Primarily Matrix-related crimes: information brokering, online gambling. The group is mobile, disconnected, and hard to trace.

The leader of the Choson Ring is Jong-Won Sung, who maintains a working relationship with local Korean street gangs.

The Koun’go Ring

A truly unpleasant bunch. They’re exist via a partnership with a Salish-Shidhe gang called the Dogmen. The operate along the NAN border smuggling humans, mainly for organlegging. They also have a side-business of recycling the cyberwear turned up in the organlegging business.

Their leader is a half-Korean, half-Native named Gray-Wolf.

Seoulpa Rings

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