Chinese-based criminal organizations thick with mysticism and tradition. The Triads deal primarily in vice: drugs, BTL chips, and human trafficking out of Asia. They also run shake-downs in Chinese neighborhoods, smuggle, and murder-for-hire

The Yellow Locusts

The last branch of the Yellow Lotus Triad in existence, Lodgemaster Zheng Li Kwan strives to strengthen the greatly weakened lodge. The Yellow Lotus’ Incense Master is Su Chen, a Taoist wizard who’s rumored to be a vampire.

Primarily the Yellow Lotus deal in BTLs and illegal immigrant labor, be it sweatshops or sex-workers.


The most modern and independent of the Triads. They still hold traditional organization and some rites, but embrace body mods and tech as a way to gain an edge on the competition. Their leader (who refuses to be called Lodgemaster) is Rick Wu, who’s more like modern businessman than a leader of a mystic order. Ruibai Dong, their Incense Master is a technomancer.

The Eighty-Eights are tied to a large number of Asian gangs in the Seattle area, taking a percentage of their profits for guidance, peace brokerage services and coordinating efforts.

The Octagon

While tied to a very strong Triad back in Hong Kong (the Red Dragon Association), the Octagon are the smallest Triad in Seattle. David Gao, the Octagon lodgemaster, is never seen in person and communicates exclusively through the Matrix. The day-to-day operation of the Triad falls to the Incense Master, Chen Kwan-Ti.

They’re exclusive to the Little Asia area of Tacoma and deal with weapon smuggling, drugs, and contra-band


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