Largely isolated from the Japanese Yakuza, the Seattle-based Yakuza are led by Hanzo Shotozumi. There are roughly three divisions within the Shotozumi-rengo


Organized and ran like a business. Very traditional behavior, with irezumi tattoos, yabitsume and seppuku rituals. They operate out of the International District downtown, running protection services, gambling parlors, prostitution, and smuggling


Built from the ashes of the former Shigeda-gumi after Oyabun Takeo Shigeda was assassinated. New Chairman Sato Kanaga is far more conservative than his predecessor, insisting the association follow the example of the Shotozumi-gumi in maintaining the Yakuza’s ancient traditions and practices. Operate mostly out of Everett, Snohomish, Auburn, and Redmond Barrens.


A relatively new association housing the survivors of the Nishidon-gumi allowed to live, former Shigeda-gumi members and some new recruits. They operate out of Puyallup, as well as take on any shit jobs assigned to them.


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