Everyone Wants to Change the World


Scan This


Ms. White

All the Feels

A banged and busted up MacCallister hires all but Snow to figure out who’s skragging Ork Underground infrastructure. Before they can even fully discuss the details, another bomb goes off and the runners are off to see what they can gleen from the wreckage.

The runners bump into Topside Construction at the nearest entrance to the Ork Underground. They’re trying to get building supplies down to help rebuild, but Knight Errant is giving them a lot of static. They’ve closed the entrance to keep Topside out. Seems that since Junior supposedly caught cement poisoning, Topside can’t catch a break on Seattle government permits. Ms. White convinces the rent-a-cops to let Topside through, and the runners tag along.

Chummer, talk about a splat-job. Some piece of drek blew up a school, with the kids still inside. The building’s collapsed and Skraacha are frantically trying to dig out survivors that ain’t gonna make it. There’s a lot of desperation and dead kids, the sort of drek that sticks with you like someone slotted you a really fucked up BTL

Joe Martin is getting interviews when the runners show up, but quickly makes an exit. Same for a dwarf named Philip Arloe with the KSAF logo. The runners are rightly off-kilter that the media got here so fast, so they call up Athena Tatopoulos to grab the Know. She spills that her dwarf friend has been on top of all of the Ork Underground events, maybe a little too quick now that she thinks about it. He’s just filed his latest story and then is off for vacation. Athena is sympathetic to the runners, but gets a lot more chatty after she notices files missing from her servers related to the Mr. Arloe’s activities. She does a bit of dancing on the ivories and gives you Arloe’s contact – none other than Captain Jack Turner

Into the Belly of the Beast

A few calls turns out the Turner is now in Knight Errant lockup at a local precinct. And has been there for months. You don’t even need to be on the Law & Order Crime Scene Investigators Special Vicitims Unit: Seattle trid to know that’s sideways. So the runner call a real lawyer, ‘Imaginary’ Annie Goldsmith, Invisible Esquire. She finds out he’s there as part of a deal he’s cutting with the District Attorney’s office. The runners retain Ms. Goldsmith’s services and she helps Ms. White get access to Mr. Turner.

He’s still a piece of drek, but now a piece of drek with swag you need. Ms. White uses her, uh, talents and gets him to spill the paydata – a dropbox out in Tacoma where info is being traded. Ms. White leaves the precinct before she becomes a resident herself, only to find Detective Tosh Athack outside waiting for her. And he’s not selling Policeman’s Ball tickets this time.

The runners convene at the Big Rhino for a lunch-date with their favorite troll. He eats a troll-sized portion of questionable food while his boss, ADA Oaks throws a bunch of static herself. Seems the drek is coming from on high and she’s rolling it right into the runners’ sandbox. They have 2 hours to get out of Seattle before they join Capt. Turner in a Knight Errant holding cell. Insult to injury, Tosh sticks the runners with the bill.

Not one to be pushed around, especially by Seattle government, the runners fake their own vacation. Ms. White calls up her Gumi for some Gomis to pose as the runners off on vacation in Las Vegas. They swap SINs and the patsies are off to Sin-City.

HeadOn! Apply Directly to Forehead!

With hopefully enough runaround between themselves and Oaks, the runners kick it out to Tacoma, not far from Snow’s garage. There’s a metal trashcan there, so Touch does his best Harry Potter, goes invis, and sneaks over to the can. There’s a metal box stuck to the inside of the lid and Touch decides to open it. The blast makes a Touch-sized impression on the wall behind him, but amazingly Touch isn’t cat-food. The explosion draws Snow’s attention about the time a bunch of borgs-on-bikes come roaring down the street to the dropbox. The runners pile into Azazel’s car, Snow jumps in her van, and we’re off to the wacky races.

After a bit of slap-and-tickle, one of the bikers tries to pass Azazel. He politely assists them into a wall, smashing their bike and damn near their everything else. Seems to be the universal sign for “let’s talk instead”. The bikers are just delivery and aren’t going to lose a member for the paydirt. They roll on their Johnson, giving the runners a visual, along with the location where they drop off the info.

The runners, plus Snow, minus Selina, take of to the Chrysler-Nissan plant on the Tacoma- Auburn border. Snow proves her worth in a hurry, listening in on the occupants. The runners storm the place with little trouble, minus a few of Snow’s little metal helpers getting turned to scrap. Poor chummers inside have cranial bombs and pop like watermelons as soon as they nap it. The runners do grab Mr. Magic Fingers as he tries to run. He gives them a sob-story about being sprung out of lockup to do someone’s dirty work. He confirms the image from the Go-Gangers and give the name “Mr. White” (no relation). Beyond that, he knows nothing. The runners take his busted comm, smack him on the ass, and tell him to run for the border. He doesn’t look back.

Snow gets the comm working long enough to get an encrypted datafile off of it. Mac’s happy for the file, and for dusting the drekkin’ bwants that were blasting up the Ork Underground

Picking up the Pieces

Karma is for the player – apply it to all of your characters. All other rewards, Money, Reputation, and Contacts, are tied to the characters involved in the run.


  • 10,000¥ per runner for killing the hitsquad.
  • -5,000¥ per runner for the MCT body-doubles off to Las Vegas.
    • This is be roughly 1,000¥ per week and 1,000¥ of sunk cost for the trip itself. If you choose to travel out to Las Vegas and take their place, it costs your Lifestyle cost for the remainder of the month (at minimum) and not the 1,000¥ per week.


  • 2: For surviving the adventure
  • 2: For killing or capturing the individuals at the end of the adventure
  • 1: For peacefully getting the building supplies through the red-tape jumble
  • 2: For breaking Captain Jack Turner out of jail without violence

Faction Rep


  • +1 Street Cred if the players get the men responsible for the destruction and murders
  • +1 Street Cred if the players get the construction crew and materials to the Ork Underground


On a Silver Platter

Scan This


Ms. White

Big Ba-Da-Boom

MacCallister’s been cagy for a while now, but finally tags the runners for a new run. They take a stroll down into the Ork Underground to the Gold Mine, which by some means Mac now owns. The runners get there about the time that someone skrags the place. The Skraacha show with fire gear and dig a barely alive MacCallister out of the rubble. Touch stabilized the dying ork and the runners rush through the Ork Underground to Doc What, an ancient street doc of much talent and little memory.

Tosh Athack shows up with his own crew of misfits. Mac had him on retainer it seems and he’s got the details on what Mac’s been up to. Mac’s tracked the copycat Mayan Killer that murdered his daughter back to George Mathers, a VP of Public Relations at Knight Errant’s Seattle branch. Tosh and his Black Knights can’t go near Mathers, since they also work for Knight Errant, so he hires them on Mac’s behalf to dig up some dirt on the exec.

How the Other Half Live

The runners quickly realize that Mathers has gone to ground recently – hasn’t been in the office or seen in public in a few days. They opt to rattle his home-cage and see what falls out. House is swank, but empty. And the library is full of creepy living magic wood, Selina discovers. Inside of said living wood bookshelf, the runners find a old-model safe, with an equally old data node on the inside. They snatch the hardware and race a Knight Errant Response Team off of the property.

Ms. White knows a console cowboy who can pop the node. They agree to meet him at the Big Rhino . Nuyen greases the data-jacks and the decker pops the node without much trouble. He drops some ARO files into the hands of runners, then gets a look of a man living on yesterday’s Nutrisoy paste. WIth no other words, he closed his deck, tossed his comm on the table and walked out, leaving both behind. Sensing imminent fecal oscillation, the runners set an ambush and crack some Humanis skulls when they turn up a few minutes later to retrieve the node.

Reviewing the datafiles, the runners find piles of blackmail material linking Mathers to Edmund Jeffries, Kenneth Brackhaven‘s press secretary and then Mathers to the Copycat Killer himself. It also makes it fairly clear that Mathers is likely hiding out at the Humanis compound in Redmond. There’s also some info that makes it sound like Tosh’s Black Knights have a spy in their midsts. They call up Tosh and give him the rundown and the heads up.

Mathers tries to play a run-around on the whole drekpile and leaks the same info to Assistant District Attorney Dana Oaks. She calls Tosh and the runners and makes it clear that she expects any criminals to be turned into the proper authorities. Which she seems to think is her.

Hacking Up One Hell of a Furball

Runners put eyes on the Humanis compound and Ms. White and Selina are instantly surprised at how much more mil-spec hardware is now up-and-running. The rusted out junk-car walls are now higher, with guard towers and mini guns. Something insides zips one of Touch’s astral buddies like it’s nothing.

The runners empty their pockets and don’t find an army, so they start pulling in resources. Tosh’s group show up to crack heads, but Tosh warns he can’t get any other Knight Errant resources without the ADA’s involvement. The runners aren’t interested in a game of cops and robbers, so Ms. White calls up some MCT contacts and get an attack chopper and some cylons on lease, and a stern warning not to scratch the paint on either. They also convince the Skraacha to get involved, offering them a chance to get some real revenge on these Humanis assholes.

Azazel and Selina dirtnap the tower-bunnies, along with their heavy heat. The hired help slam into the southern side of the compound as the runners and Tosh’s people attack the north-western entrance. Azazel’s pucker factor goes off the charts after a spirit rattles his jimmies and has to pull back. About the same time, a wack-sparker goes for broke and KOs most of Tosh’s crew, along with Ms. White. This gets the razorguys in a twist, so they fight to the runner’s position, bringing their airpower with them. Ms. White gets a bit of go-juice right in the ticker, but is neg on an extraction. With the added firepower, the runners bust into the old car dealership, Tosh gets a bit rough-and-tumble with Mathers, and GTFO with their target. Touch sneaks off to help the Skraacha. Everyone makes it out alive, minus Tosh’s Black Knight hacker whose card got punched by Tosh himself as the traitor.

… And Justice For All

The runners and Tosh take Mathers to the same docks as Ms. White and Selina delivered Shawn Walker 6 months ago. Many of the same people are here, even MacCallister is there, wheelchair bound, missing an arm, and still worse for wear. The years show a lot more on his face now, but he’s alert. He pays the runners, along with something extra for saving his life. With their business done, Mac’s son escorts them outside, to the sounds of Mathers’ screams coming from the inside.

Picking up the Pieces

This Karma can carry back over to a player’s other character. All other rewards, Money, Reputation, and Contacts, are tied to the characters involved in the run.


  • 10,000¥ per runner to returning Mathers to MacCallister
  • 1,000¥ per runner for saving MacCallister’s life
  • -2,500¥ for Doc What’s services
  • -3,000¥ for the decker’s services
  • -7,000¥ for the use of MCT’s security forces


  • 1: Saving MacCallister after the Gold Mine explosion.
  • 1: Successfully breaking into George Mathers’ villa without help from Tosh.
  • 1: Discovering the Black Knights traitor.
  • 1: Recovering Mathers’ hidden nexus and getting it decrypted.
  • 2: Capturing George Mathers alive.
  • 3: Surviving the adventure

Faction Rep


  • +1 Street Cred for capturing Mathers.
  • +1 Street Cred for killing more than 12 Humanis Policlub members.
  • +1 Public Awareness for triggering the PanicButton at Mathers’ villa and have to run from Knight Errant.


Chasin' the Wind

Intercepted transmission from Shadowrunner named Selina

/start encryption

Heyla Little Sis – Granddame said that you wanted me to chat, so here I am. Making sure the Family keeps speaking to each other. So. Last week, I get sent to Chicago. Great place. Especially in the winter. You should go check it out. I’ll even throw in a pizza at this great place I stopped at. Well, I would, if you ever ate that kind of thing.

Anyway. I’m in Chicago, and get beeped. Turns out there’s a side project there – which was great, because how else am I supposed to entertain myself on this business trip to Radiation Hell? We’re told to go fix some sort of ancient frequency thing that’s broken. We’re none of us mechanics, but they’re throwing us some interesting nuyen, so why not? We go.

When we get to the first tower, Scapegoat mouths off to the guard. Probably would have gotten us into something REALLY interesting, had Risk not been there. But, she was. Talked him down, so whatever hidden helpers the shorty had didn’t end up eating our faces. Cost us some, but that’s okay, as it’s really just his bankroll that was needing the extra, after having his wheels taken. So. We get in. Risk ends up figuring out the sitch, and fixing it.

The frequency goes back up, and we get another call. Another project. Strange, but it could just be what she said – a busy day. We’re to go deeper into the wreck and retrieve some tech. We go. And that’s when things get weird. We’re talking ancient sci-trid weird. We’re talking illegal things that the Family would probably want to know about weird. If I had multiple personalities, I’d have a body for each one, weird. Looks like one of those bodies escaped, after taking out some well-deserved rage on one of the drek-heads playing with her and her sisters. I know that this freak-show might have repercussions for the Family, so I try to convince the others to kill the project. No dice. We grab what we came for, and leave.

We go to the next site for the first project, and run the same techno-doctery, with Risk doing the surgery. Up goes the frequency, and we get another beep. Another job. To find the missing running body. For that wonderful Mayan Family we know. Yeah, I know, but sometimes that’s the chance you take. That’s why you were never good at this kind of thing.

I do my thing, bloodhounding her out on the Astral. We find her. Talk her into trusting us. They’re about to hand her over to the Mayans, but I’m not going to simply let her go like that. Not with the kind of upgrades that chit must have had in her. I start making rumbles, trying to convince them not to do it. “What do we even know about this guy?” things like that. They call their media contacts – you were right about that much. Turns out the Mayan contact wasn’t working for the company so much as trying to gain favor with the burning out LoneStar agent who was actually looking for the girl. We hand her over, make the other project managers happy, and we’re all just a little bit richer for the vacation. Hope this little message satisfies my Good Girl Family Obligations. I’m out.

/end encryption

Picking up the Pieces


Chase Grayson



  • 2: Completing all three goals: Replacing the Matrix nodes for Quantum Princess, retrieving data from Janus lab, and recovering Sam.
  • 2: Completing the mission without any combat
  • 2: Adventure difficulty


  • +1 Street Cred for completing the task for Quantum Princess


Gain the following Contacts at a Loyalty of 1

Copycat Killer
6 months ago...

This session we take a trip in the Wayback Machine to get some ground beneath our feet for the next mission, On A Silver Platter.

Scan This

A new cast of characters hit the scene:

And find themselves at the Big Rhino, a Seattle landmark in the Ork community known for food orks love in trolls sizes. MacCallister is there, drunk and pissed. Someone flatlined his daughter Rebecca this morning in the style of the supposedly dead Mayan Cutter and he’s nitro for a bit of street justice. He wants the drekhead responsible for it, alive. He slides the runners the address of his daughter’s place in the Ork Underground along with the comm-number of Tosh Athack, who supposedly splat-jobed the original Mayan Cutter.

The Waltzing Detective

The runners start with Tosh. They meet at a local mall and quickly discover Tosh to be a social butterfly. Or you’d think that, all the Policeman’s Ball tickets he’s trying to sell. After padding the good detective’s credstick, they get close to drek. Tosh is sure they got the right guy first time – he had a very specific MO, and it stopped after Lone Star was forced to used deadly force when he resisted arrest. He does admit there’s been 5 new murders, same MO. He says they’ve got a copycat on their hands. For some more tickets, he gives them access to Rebecca’s body. A trip to a private morgue does give some additional details. The cut-marks certainly match previous murders. And there was tissue under Rebecca’s fingernails, possibly from the attacker. It’s still beeping and booping through the computers though, so the runners take off for the murder scene.

The Bad Side of Town

Gunner knows his way around the Underground and gets the runners to Rebecca’s apartment without much problem. A bunch of Skraacha are out front and looking for a reason to pound someone’s face in. Gunner and Ms. White talk to Ca’Tan, the group’s leader, and calm things down. Two and two add up and the runners realize Ca’Tan was Rebecca’s boyfriend. He lets them into the apartment and demands a piece of the action when the runners find Rebecca’s killer.

A quick look around and Catwoman spots a bit of blood under the bathroom sink, which is nowhere near the hack-scene that is the kitchen. The runners bag-and-tag the blood and head back to the Morgue to see if the blood in any way matches what was under Rebecca’s fingernails. Hundr gives a bit to his spirit pal and they play a really long game of fetch.

The Badder Side of Town

Topside, the runners bump into another bunch of go-gangers that Gunner IDs as the Troll Killers. They talk some trash, and hurl some insults, particularly at Gunner. It’s instantly to drek hitting the fan – Gunner blows his top right as the Troll Killers try to blow him away. A brief lead fiesta on the street corner and a few of the Trollers are cat-food. Their leader is alive, but out cold, so the runners bag him and take him to Ms. White’s bolthole for advanced questioning techniques.

A bit of slap-and-tickle later, they have the leader’s comm and some basic info. The Killers got hired to run a splat-job on the runners and make it look ganger, but he doesn’t know the Johnson. The comm probably does, there’s calls on it from the Johnson that hired the job. The runners leave the Troll Killers leader in the gentle care of Gunner’s Skraacha buddies and make to Chinatown to get a Decker to track the call.

While the Decker does the beeps and boops with the comm, Hundr’s spirit returns. It’s found the blood’s owner, but is having a panic attack about something it calls the Valkyrie.

The Worst Side of Town

The spirit leads them out to the Redmond Barrens and eventually to a compound on the site of an old car dealership. Burned out cars are stacked up 3-high around the parameter and a quick look over the walls by Catwoman spots a dozen or so guys patrolling around. About that time the hired decker calls Ms. White back – he’s tracked the comm to this very compound and mentions it belongs to some twisted fragger named Shawn Walker obsessed with white supremacy and the Nazi movement. This wanker is pegging far into crazy, even for Humanis scum. Seems he was once in UCAS special forces, until he got kicked out after the tussle in Denver during the Year of the Comet. He had captured some Azzies, and was torturing them.

The runners are sure this is the place, but still have no clue how avoid turning into nutra-paste in the attempt. Gunner calls in Ca’Tan and his crowd and the more-than-willing distraction roar into the compound once Hundr sticks his sticky fingers in one of the jackboots and has them open a gate. Once the pyrotechnics are in full swing, Hundr and Catwoman come over another wall, while Gunner and Ms. White ride in behind everything. Catwoman gets a little toasty opening the back door, but with so much attention drawn to the pissed off orks shooting up the place on the other side, there isn’t much trouble getting in place. Unfortunately, the orks are out-gunned, and there are at least 2 sets of magic fingers on the Humanis payroll. Those who can make a run for it, leaving the runners inside the building, but short the entertainment portion of their program.

There’s a lot of chin scratching until Catwoman offers to drop NeroStun on the crowd. Gunner pops some smoke and the kitty goes up into the drop ceiling. She quietly places her surprise, but it’s spotted by one hell of a huge spirit straight out of a viking trid. The thing obliterates her grenade with this massive sword (and part of the concrete floor under it), but only further disburses the gas. Shawn sees his companions dropping out and decides suicide by runner is better than going out like a bitch. He charges through the smoke only to have Gunner send smoke out his ears and fry some of his metal bits via a few rounds of stick-and-shock. His guard-dog spirit charges Gunner and tries to give him one hell of a haircut. Its massive sword gets stuck in a wall and Catwoman makes use of her perch in the (now ripped open) ceiling to neatly slice the spirit into bits.

Before the rest of Shawn’s fanclub can recover, the runners beat feet. MacCallister gives them an adress of a warehouse in Tacoma.

Swift Justice

At the warehouse with MacCallister are people obviously related to Rebecca, along with this Amerind wearing fringed leather and carrying a sword no one knows. MacCallister demands the commlink and the Cutter, then tells the runners he’ll meet them at the Rhino in an hour if they don’t want to watch what’s next. Gunner hangs around. The Amerind steps forward and grabs the copycat’s head on each
side, and his hands glow. You can see the shamanic mask of a Coyote appear around his head as he casts a spell. Light ripples across the body of the cutter, he screams, and then the light fades. He steps back and smiles grimly at MacCallister. “Got everything, Bull”.

The dark haired human woman, likely Rebecca’s mother, steps forward and pulls a Ruger Warhawk from her purse. She doesn’t even blink, and in one simple motion puts the gun to the copycat’s temple and creates her own Jackson Pollock.

MacCallister meets the runners as pays up without much talk. He’s still obviously in a bad way, but content to know the man who murdered his daughter is no more.

Picking up the Pieces

This Karma can carry back over to a player’s other character, but cannot be added to the Prime runners used in this mission. All other rewards, Money, Reputation, and Contacts, are tied to the characters involved in the run.


  • 8,000¥ per runner for delivering Shawn Walker to MacCallister alive.
  • -1,200¥ total in Policeman’s Ball tickets to Tosh Athack.


  • 1 Karma for stopping the copycat Mayan Cutter by any means.
  • 1 Karma for capturing the cutter alive.
  • 2 Karma for the overall difficulty of this mission.
  • 1 Karma for the creative solution to the standoff.

Faction Rep


  • +2 Street Cred for taking care of the Mayan Cutter


  • MacCallister: Loyalty is set to 4, or increased by 2, whichever is higher.
Rally Cry (part 2)

Down at Metroplex…

Azazel woke to find himself in the latest convict fashion in the holding pens of Metroplex Center. He used his one call to reach out to ‘Imaginary’ Annie Goldsmith, Invisible Esquire, but no luck reaching Seattle’s busiest lady. A pair of rentacops delivered him to Assistant District Attorney Dana Oaks in Interrogation, and she cut the drek after Tosh adjusts the recording equipment. She’s certain Azazel is up to something. Between the results of his last interaction with her and the fact he was reportedly following Congressman James Grey, a known associate of Senator Brackhaven, she’s certain that he’s doing something for Ork Rights Commission or the Ork Underground.

Azazel stays mostly tight-lipped, but does assure the ADA that there are no intentions to assassinate the Congressman or cause any sort of unrest. He also presents a brass set – Oaks either lets him out, or he releases a trid of his capture. She can get the weapons charges dropped, but she can’t get them out of Impound. Azazel leaves Metroplex a free man, with lighter pockets and a warning that the ADA will have his ass for breakfast if he causes any trouble at tomorrow’s rally.

Meanwhile, Back at the (Bunny) Ranch

The remaining members of the team are stunned to see Azazel fumigated so quickly. But, stiff upper lip (and empty pockets), they keep at the run. Their rigger tags the limo and put metal eyes on it, then breaks into the mistress’s commlink to grab the text messages on the device for the last month or so. A quick search gives Chase the info she needs to lean on the mistress. A quick call and they’ve convinced her to roll on the Congressman for some major scratch and a chance to make even more off of press contacts. She entertains Grey long enough for Chase and Touch to sneak in and one of Touch’s spiritual advisors goes all Ghost on the Congressman. He agrees to get in a car with the ‘runners under some flimsy guise of security concerns and they kite him around most of the night after the Rigger bugs up the security cameras at the mistress’s abode to cover their tracks.

The Congressman manages to catch the face of Chase and the Rigger before being black-bagged and no one’s sure if he’s clear-headed enough to remember it.

The Rally

Still wibbly wobbily in the brain, the ‘runners give Athena Tatopoulos and KSAF an exclusive pre-rally interview with the Congressman. He does a good job linking himself, Senator Brackhaven, and Humanis, but doesn’t quite go full ranting bigot. More grade B bigot, but certainly enough to cause a hell of a fracas when the news breaks

Azazel opts to walk the invis’d Congressman into the Humanis rally, trying to keep the metas in the party away from the crazies. The counter-protest from the Ork Rights Commission and Humanis start shouting at eachother and Azazel can see someone’s about to hit blend on this shit-sandwich. He gets the Congressman in place and messages Joe Martin and NewsNet. As they whip the camera into the confused Congressman’s face, some fool pops off a round and a full blown riot breaks out. Knight Errant ain’t having it and descend on the crowd, medium-style. Azazel makes a run for it, remembering ADA Oaks’ threat. He gets bagged, but not tagged, and Touch sends an Air elemental to help him GTFO before Knight Errant return to round up the subdued.

Gettin’ Paid

The runners head to a seedy bar named The Screaming Irishman to get paid, and MacCallister is happy enough with their performance to give em a bit of a bonus from his days as a runner. While leaving Ms. Oaks makes a final appearance and tries to get Azazel to come clean about the riot and the Congressman’s guest-of-dishonor appearance at the rally. Azazel remains tight-lipped, souring his relationship with the ADA.

Picking up the Pieces


  • 10,000¥ per runner for delivering Congressman James Grey into the middle of the Humanis rally
  • -4,000¥ bribe (total) to the Congressman’s mistress for her assistance.
  • A pair of contacts per runner from MacCallister for not alerting the Congressman’s security detail that he was kidnapped. The contacts have flare compensation, thermographic vision, low-light vision, and ultrasound enhancements (not in the 5th ed core rules).
    • Ultrasound: The ultrasound accessory consists of an emitter that sends out continuous ultrasonic pulses and a receiver that picks up the echoes of these pulses to create a topographic ultrasound “map” that is laid over (or replaces) the user’s normal visual sensory input. While ultrasound vision is perfect to “see” textures, calculate exact distances, and pick up things otherwise invisible to the naked eye (like people cloaked by an Invisibility spell), it is less adept at other tasks like perceiving colors and brightness. It cannot penetrate materials like glass that would be transparent to optical sensors.
      The ultrasound sensor can be set to a passive mode, in which it does not emit ultrasonic pulses but still picks up ultrasound from outside sources (such as motion sensors or someone else’s ultrasound sensors on active mode)

Azazel Only

  • Loss of all gear with a Rating of Forbidden (F)


  • 2 – For successfully planting the congressman in the Humanis Policlub rally
  • 1 – For not alerting the security detail
  • 2 – For any increased difficulty of the run
  • 1 – Good roleplaying

Faction Rep

Azazel Only

  • Seattle Government: -1

Those who contacted KSAF

  • NewsNet: -1
  • KSAF: +1

Those who contacted NewsNet

  • NewsNet: +1
  • KSAF: -1


  • +1 Street Cred to each runner for managing to kidnap the congressman without alerting
    his security detail.

Azazel Only

  • +1 Public Awareness for the shootout


All Runners

  • Gain MacCallister at Loyalty 1, or increase by 1 if they already have the contact

Azazel Only

Those who contacted KSAF

Those who contacted NewsNet

Rally Cry (part 1)

A Johnson flashes nuyen and invites the runners to Downtown Seattle to visit him at the Howling Goblin. Turns out to be MacCallister who’s hoping to tag up Governor Brackhaven’s rep with a bit of Humanis drek. The Governor lives in his glass tower, so MacCallister wants you to work with a toady of his, Congressman James Grey. Your job is plop Grey down in the middle of the Humanis rally taking place tomorrow down at Metroplex Hall. Do it without much flash and he promises a nice bonus.

The good congressman lives in Bellevue, but has a kept girl named Naomi Wilson up in Auburn. That’s the link the runners opt to exploit. Touch chases off the spirit of air snooping around her apartment building and Chase tries to lean on Naomi, but gets nowhere fast. The Doughnut Squad show up to figure out who’s poking around the mistress’s building, but Chase slinks back out leaving them none the wiser.

Azazel keeps tabs on the Congressman and his driver. He tails the pair back to the Congressman’s apartment and two hours later follows him on the way to his mistress’s apartment. Unfortunately, Naomi’s alerted the Congressman’s badge-team and they spot Azazel tailing the Congressman’s car. Azazel spots the black sedan and pulls off the freeway, hoping to shake his new friends on some side streets. It all goes to drek when a GMC Bulldog cuts him off, causing Azazel to swerve to avoid the collision. A couple of MilSpec cylons and a hit-mage pile out of the Bulldog while the black sedan following closes off the street behind them. It’s a real life action trid as the goons behind Azazel light him (and his Americar) up with dozens of rounds of stick-n-shock, followed by nero-gas . Azazel stumbles out of the killzone, but ends up taking a second nero-gas grenade to the noggin for his trouble. He’s tagged-and-bagged, and the last bit the runners hear from his commlink is that he’s being taken down to Metroplex for processing.

Hiding in the Dark (part 2)

The runners opt to charter a boat and pilot it into the Ork Underground via the Cove. They ask around about where to find Junior, but after the third dock worker references his personal Mr. Johnson, they opt for a different tactic and seek out Pip. Pip doesn’t know who Junior is, but he knows someone who’s interested in meeting them. He takes them to The Gold Mine, a tourist-trap where you can waste your nuyen on buckets of dirt to pan for real ork artifacts. It’s a front for a wizz-turbo club for the Underground (and those in the know). There, they meet an Italian ork named Johnny Torinni. He knows a way for them to meet Junior, but first he needs something from them – three favors to be specific

Johnny’s Errands

Topside Construction Escort

Johnny owns a construction company that’s been rebuilding the Tourist Highway after the the fires from the Alamos 20k incident. Unfortunately, their supplies keep getting hit by some wack-job local go-gang called the Halloweeners. The runners have to ride along with one of the shipments and crack heads, if necessary.

Well chummer, heads sometimes need to be cracked. The Halloweeners made their appearance, but weren’t juiced up for runners. They hit hard, with metal and magic, but the runners hit back even harder. Azazel geeks the mage leading the group and it all goes to drek for the pumpkinheads after that. It might not be a permanent solution, but the Halloweeners certainly won’t consider Topside to be a milk-run in the future.

Narrows Delivery

Jonny provides honest-to-dragon bicycles for this next bit. Carts are hooked to the back, filled with what looks like med-supplies and kibble. Pip tags along as tour guide and leads the runners into a real drekhole that makes the rest of Ork Underground look like an arco-retreat. Pip leads them to a makeshift shelter called St Mary’s ran by an elderly ork woman he calls Grandma. She’s overjoyed to see the runners and tells them to thank Johnny, a good boy looking out for all the pitiful souls down in the Narrows.

By this point, the runners are pretty confused as to why Johnny has anything to do with Junior – the two seem night-and-day.

Goblin Market Defense

The final errand has to with a quasi-legal market called the Goblin Market. Pip leads to a sea of semi-permanent booths, carts, and folding tables, vendors selling all sorts of things, but not an reasonable prices.

A new gang named the Bot’Kham are running a security racket down in the market and the local Skraacha gang hasn’t moved in to flush them out. Johnny wants it stopped. The Runners find the Bot’Kham shaking down a merchant and open with aggressive negotiation. The punk splat, but not before a nearby shop-owner gets an acute case of lead poisoning from Chase. Touch ain’t having it and unfrags the poor tusker. With the shakedown operation taking a dirt-nap, the runners head back to Jonny.

Meeting Junior

With the errands done, Johnny holds up his end of the bargain and introduces the runner to Junior. Who happens to be Johnny. A real mind-bender, that. He launches into his own personal This is Your Life talking about how he used to be a man in the Finnigan family, saved up his scratch, and made a life for himself, and a better life for the people stuck in the Ork Underground. Junior is his shady investments to make some scratch off of the topsiders (who he gives no drek about), but he’s managed some legit businesses too, like the Gold Mine and Topsider Construction.

He offers the runners a bargain. He’ll out-pay Assistant District Attorney Dana Oaks contract if they just tell her they couldn’t find Junior. Junior, he tells them, doesn’t have much more of a shelf-life anyway and he’ll probably have to burn the persona before hit squads start showing up. But they aren’t having it. The bunraku club is still icking them plenty. They propose to tell the ADA they accidently geeked Junior during a raid – Johnny can keep his legit businesses, but the shady dealings have to die with Junior.

Junior agrees, and even has a body to provide the ADA, thanks to the runners face-smash in the Goblin Market. Seems one of the Bot-Kham thugs tried to catch Azazel’s sword with his mouth and it ain’t pretty. It’s also pretty damn impossible to tell who it used to be, other than “Ork”.

The runners leave the Underground, body-bag in tow. Oaks and Tosh Athack show up as soon as they’re called. Dana’s none too pleased that she’s got a corpse and not a mobster she can put on trial, but Tosh seems pretty pleased that the runner ventilated the bastard. She revokes their bounty-hunter license, but does pay them the half she agreed to on Junior’s death.

Picking up the Pieces


  • 4,000¥ per runner for delivering a dead Junior to ADA Oaks
  • 3,000¥ per runner from Johnny for faking his death.


  • 1 – Tracking Junior to the Gravity Bar without help.
  • 1 – Figuring out Junior is hiding in the Underground without help.
  • 1 – Completing all three of Johnny Torinni’s tasks.
  • 1 – Successfully faking Torinni’s Death.
  • 1 – Good roleplaying
  • 1 – End of story

Faction Rep

No change in any faction – the runners played the middle and didn’t get in better (or worse) with anyone.


  • +1 Street Cred for faking Junior’s death..
  • +1 Street Cred for completing all of Torinni’s tasks


  • Gain Pip as a Contact with Loyalty 1
Hiding in the Dark
Part 1

The runners again find themselves employed by the Badge. A crimewave is banging up Downtown Seattle. Civilians are getting caught in the middle and all attempts at undercover Bacon end up fried. Assistant District Attorney Dana Oaks wants it stopped and after the runner’s last bit of business, she’s fairly certain that this guy Junior is the next one up the chain.

Detective Tosh Athack acts as a liaison for ADA Oaks. He gives the runners a list of three spots the police are fairly certain are Junior’s hangouts, but they haven’t been able to pin anything yet. He doesn’t hide his dislike of the runners, but he’s pretty vocal about doing anything to get a shot a the people offing his officers.

On the way out of the combat biker themed restaurant, Joe Martin of NewsNET and Athena Tatopoulos of KSAF both contact the runners, offering payment and favors for leads on breaking news.

Junior’s Operations

Mike’s Deli

The runners stumbled into a bunraku den under a questionable deli. They’re too late to stop Dr. Tojiro from making another meat-puppet, but do bust up the operation. Tosh shows up to arrest the immoral street doc and the rest of the patrons.

Abandoned Apartment Building

The runners find a condemned apartment building serving as a BTL den. Other than the chipheads, they find a guy calling himself Drekhead. Drekhead seems a little a lot off, but seems to take care of the burnouts for all the wrong reasons. He tells the runners about a fight that happened recently between the guys selling the BTLs and space ghouls. He’s hard to follow, but does sorta ID one of the missing undercover agents. The body’s gone (regular ghouls, he says), but he still has the badge. He sells it to Azazel

Spikes’ Homebase

Finally, the runners end up at a brownstone near the docks in northern Downtown . They call Tosh to figure out the gang symbols and realize they’re staring at the drug den of the Spikes, a troll go-gang that don’t mind playing a bit of skeet with errant drones (much to the rigger’s dismay). Chase Grayson bluffs her way in as a potential bulk buyer for the Seattle club scene. The Spikes don’t want any of the action, but they do take their cut and refer the group where they can bump into Junior’s goons.

Junior’s Hangouts

Murphy’s Law

Their first stop is an Irish pub in Downtown called Murphey’s Law. The place is a real splat-job. Again Tosh is on the scene and in one hell of a rage. Shit went down between the Finnegan family and Shotozumi-Gumi and more regular folk got caught in the drek-storm. The runners don’t hang around long – the gruesome scene isn’t good for keeping one’s kibble in place.

Gravity Bar

Gravity bar is a ritzy place for Collars with disposable nuyen. Touch looks around a bit until some Spirits of Man start looking back.. Chase and Azazel make their way in and end up in an output measuring contest with some goons of Junior’s. Comms crackle, and the goons are suddenly helpful, to a point. Junior is in the Ork Underground and they’re free to go down there after him.

Picking up the Pieces


  • -150¥ for the badge and info from Drekhead
  • -50¥ “Cover Charge” to meet with Little Bill of the Spikes
  • -700¥ Finder’s Fee for Little Bill to point the group to Murphy’s Law and Gravity Bar
  • Possible payments from NewsNET or KSAF if players choose to contact either.


  • 2 – Good session and roleplaying
Back in Business

Arianna, Chase, Azazel, and Touch wake to a vid-message from an ork named MacCallister offering them a job. And some free tickets to some wiz show at Underworld 93 in Puyallup. A few hours of synthpop later, MacCallister gets down to business: A girl named Dr. Fiona Craig is missing and MacCallister’s contacts want her found asap. Not quite a milk run, but they’d done worse drek for less.

While leaving the club, a well dressed, dark-skinned dwarf with a trace of a Quebecois accent approaches them. He introduces himself as Laurent Nazaire and offers the ‘runners a bit of side business. He’s also heard that Dr. Craig is missing, but instead of the girl, he specifically wants something he believes she’s brought to Seattle: something called the Morel Stone. He’s not particularly interested in Dr. Craig, just the stone. He hires the runners to retrieve the stone.

Now with 2 reasons to find the good doctor, the runners track her from SeaTac to Mulvihill Hotel in Bellevue. A bit of B&E and they get into Fiona’s room. She’s a slob, given the rooms complete disarray, but they do find her journal, with notes to meet at Captain Jack Turner the previous night at 8pm.

The name Jack Turner leads the runners to the Ork Underground, where he seems to be a bit of a well-known smuggler. A quick escalator ride down puts the runners in a strange clash of cultures – someone is trying to gentrify the Underground and it doesn’t seem to be going well. This section almost looks like a shopping mall, or it would if half the stores weren’t badly damaged by fire. A tour is getting underway and the whole scene is confusing. Even more so when the ARO displays flicker and start displaying explicit porn and AR graffiti starts crawling up and down the walls.

A bunch of plastic punks roll out of one of the burned-out shops, laughing at their work while intimidating the soft top-siders. From behind the crowd, some real pipe-swinging tuskers calling themselves the Skraacha move in, none too happy with the metalheads jacking with the Underground. In moments, the runner are in the middle of gang-brawl that ends as quickly as it started when Knight Errant shows up. Detective Tosh Athack pulls the runners out of the scene and takes the to the station for a bit of a chat. Seems Assistant District Attorney Dana Oaks wants Jack Turner as well, but since the Ork Underground isn’t Seattle proper, she needs someone to drag him out into the open where Tosh can snag him.

Back to the Underground! Not long after wandering around, a young ork boy named Pip offers his services as a tour guide. The runners make the right decision not to mistreat the urchin and he leads them right to Pirate’s Cove, Turner’s supposed stomping grounds.

Turner’s boat is empty, but a dock worker is able to point them towards his warehouse. Arianna confirms that the place is warded, and Azazel confirms there’s some muscle upstairs. Chase tries a rather straight forward approach of knocking on the door, but no answer. Well, unless you count the sound of people taking position inside as an answer.

The runners opt for a subtle approach and go around back and pick the rear door. Chase slips in and confirms there are 4 orks inside trained on the door, along with 4 tracked drones in the ceiling. This is going to be delicate work, the runners are simply outgunned. Arianna tries to sneak in next, but trips over some loose boards and falls on her face, loudly. The drones bring their big iron to bear and the rest of the runners can only watch in horror as Arianna is blown to cat food by machine-gun fire.

Everything goes wiz turbo as the remaining 3 runners realize they have to get out of this killbox. Chase and Azazel race for the second floor under the cover of Azazel’s smoke grenade. They make short work of Turner’s remaining bodyguards and convince him to let them take the girl in exchange for his own freedom (and all the nuyen he has remaining). And all before the remaining muscle can break through the 2nd floor security door. They take Tuner’s bribe, along with the Morel Stone they find next to it.

Back at Turner’s boat, they double-cross the not-quite-paranoid-enough Turner, taking the now-unconscious smuggler and Fiona back top-side. They dump Turner off with Tosh and Knight Errant, leave Fiona with MacCallister’s contact, a man named Moreau who seems to have some connection to Aztechnology, Saeder-Krupp, and another Dragon, and finally deliver the Morel Stone to Laurent Nazaire

Picking up the Pieces


  • 3,000¥ per runner from MacCallister and Moreau for rescuing Fiona.
  • 2,000¥ per runner from Laurent Nazaire for delivering the Morel Stone to him.
  • 3,000¥ per runner from Dana Oaks for capturing Turner alive.


  • 2 — Surviving the adventure.
  • 2 — Rescuing Fiona Craig.
  • 1 — Capturing Turner alive.
  • 1 — Recovering the Morel Stone for Nazaire.

Faction Rep


  • +1 Street Cred for rescuing Fiona Craig.
  • +1 Notoriety for turning Jack Turner over to Knight Errant.


MacCallister: Loyalty 1 for rescuing Fiona Craig.
Assistant District Attorney Dana Oaks: Loyalty 2 for For capturing Turner alive and pumping him full of truth serum.
Moreau: Loyalty 1 for rescuing Fiona Craig.
Laurent Nazaire: Loyalty 1 for recovering the Morel Stone for Nazaire.

Splintered State, part 2
Caveat Venditor

As the sirens of DocWagon head into the distanct, carrying Varick Wolff’s body with it, the remaining characters take stock. Arianna and Dred both ran off into the night, leaving the remaining four to pick up the pieces.

First things first – what the hell is this commlink? Azazel reaches out to a contact who decypts what she can of the document. The results are fuzzy, and she says she can’t do more without the other half of the encryption key.

Without much else of a lead, and with a bullseye on their back, the players are quick to want to get rid of the commlink. They reach out to Agent Dietrich and schedule a drop at the Fort Lewis Zoological Park. Public, in the heart of UCAS Territory, what could go wrong? Well, for starters, a sniper could blow out Dietrich’s neck right as he and Chase make the swap. Secondly, that sniper’s bullet could crack the glass in the basilisk enclosure behind Dietrich. FInally, a pair of cyborg assassins packing milspec ’ware could show up. Man, wouldn’t that be terrible?

Everyone gets out alive, and mostly unscathed, not counting Dietrich (who’s dead before he hits the pavement). Having a firefight in a middle of a crowded public zoo gains some unwanted attention (and civie body-count). They players hole up in a nearby hotel and trying to catch their breath. Thanks to Chase’s quick thinking, they have the cred-stick (which actually has the 100,000 nuyen), the commlink, plus the commlink Seth was carrying before his unfortunate and violent tracheostomy. And now they’re back at square 1. Squared. Two commlinks now, plus one hell of a payday. And still the target on their backs.

They don’t sweat long. Azazel’s comm has a vid-message from Karen King, a higher-up at Ares. Chase finds a audio-only message from an unidentified asian gentleman on her commlink. Eliza Bloom calls the group, as does Gregory Zane. While the words are different, the messages are all the same. They want the commlinks. Now. All are willing to pay, some more than others. The player feel like they’re about to be the one holding the chum-bucket in a feeding frenzy and have to quickly decide on a seller.

The unnamed asian gentleman eventually wins out. The group feel confident that it’s MCT, who they believe has already sent one hitsquad. And it sounds as if the gentleman has a concrete plan for the data that will lead to Brackhaven’s downfall. The group agree to a 200,000 nuyen payday and a drop-site at a park in the International District.

MCT rolls heavy. A Nissan Hound (attack copter) arrives moments before the scheduled pickup time and floods the area in light. Two armored Hyundai Shin-Hyung sedans wheel in and six assault-rifle armed men pile out to secure the scene. Finally, a stunningly beatiful asian woman with a metal briefcase steps from the back of the sedan and introduces herself as Kiyoko Inoue. She opens the padded case and asks Chase to place the two commlinks inside. With the case closed and handed off to the guard behind her, Inoue fishes a credstick out of her sleeve and hands it to Chase. Bowing, she thanks the group for their assistance and then they make a quick exit – the whole interaction taking place in less than 2 minutes.

With the attack copter’s sound dissipating, the players hear the sound of other vehicles approaching. They make themselves scarce, seeing two armored vans roar into the clearing with Gregory Zane and others like him piling out. Looks like the players missed one hell of a confrontation by mere minutes.

Picking up the Pieces


  • 1,000¥ apiece for bringing Oxycode’s commlink to Mr. Johnson.
  • 100,000¥ for the team to split up (taken off of Seth Dietrich’s body).
  • 200,000¥ for the team to split up for selling the commlink to the un-named asian buyer (assumed to be MCT)


  • 2 Karma for each character that survived the adventure.
  • 1 Karma for stealing Oxycode’s commlink.
  • 2 Karma for surviving the Zoo ambush
  • 1 Karma for selling Dietrich’s commlink to the unnamed buyer
  • 4 Karma for the overall difficulty of the opposition throughout the adventure.


  • Receive a point of Notoriety and a point of Public Awareness for the zoo gun battle.



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