Everyone Wants to Change the World

Hiding in the Dark (part 2)

The runners opt to charter a boat and pilot it into the Ork Underground via the Cove. They ask around about where to find Junior, but after the third dock worker references his personal Mr. Johnson, they opt for a different tactic and seek out Pip. Pip doesn’t know who Junior is, but he knows someone who’s interested in meeting them. He takes them to The Gold Mine, a tourist-trap where you can waste your nuyen on buckets of dirt to pan for real ork artifacts. It’s a front for a wizz-turbo club for the Underground (and those in the know). There, they meet an Italian ork named Johnny Torinni. He knows a way for them to meet Junior, but first he needs something from them – three favors to be specific

Johnny’s Errands

Topside Construction Escort

Johnny owns a construction company that’s been rebuilding the Tourist Highway after the the fires from the Alamos 20k incident. Unfortunately, their supplies keep getting hit by some wack-job local go-gang called the Halloweeners. The runners have to ride along with one of the shipments and crack heads, if necessary.

Well chummer, heads sometimes need to be cracked. The Halloweeners made their appearance, but weren’t juiced up for runners. They hit hard, with metal and magic, but the runners hit back even harder. Azazel geeks the mage leading the group and it all goes to drek for the pumpkinheads after that. It might not be a permanent solution, but the Halloweeners certainly won’t consider Topside to be a milk-run in the future.

Narrows Delivery

Jonny provides honest-to-dragon bicycles for this next bit. Carts are hooked to the back, filled with what looks like med-supplies and kibble. Pip tags along as tour guide and leads the runners into a real drekhole that makes the rest of Ork Underground look like an arco-retreat. Pip leads them to a makeshift shelter called St Mary’s ran by an elderly ork woman he calls Grandma. She’s overjoyed to see the runners and tells them to thank Johnny, a good boy looking out for all the pitiful souls down in the Narrows.

By this point, the runners are pretty confused as to why Johnny has anything to do with Junior – the two seem night-and-day.

Goblin Market Defense

The final errand has to with a quasi-legal market called the Goblin Market. Pip leads to a sea of semi-permanent booths, carts, and folding tables, vendors selling all sorts of things, but not an reasonable prices.

A new gang named the Bot’Kham are running a security racket down in the market and the local Skraacha gang hasn’t moved in to flush them out. Johnny wants it stopped. The Runners find the Bot’Kham shaking down a merchant and open with aggressive negotiation. The punk splat, but not before a nearby shop-owner gets an acute case of lead poisoning from Chase. Touch ain’t having it and unfrags the poor tusker. With the shakedown operation taking a dirt-nap, the runners head back to Jonny.

Meeting Junior

With the errands done, Johnny holds up his end of the bargain and introduces the runner to Junior. Who happens to be Johnny. A real mind-bender, that. He launches into his own personal This is Your Life talking about how he used to be a man in the Finnigan family, saved up his scratch, and made a life for himself, and a better life for the people stuck in the Ork Underground. Junior is his shady investments to make some scratch off of the topsiders (who he gives no drek about), but he’s managed some legit businesses too, like the Gold Mine and Topsider Construction.

He offers the runners a bargain. He’ll out-pay Assistant District Attorney Dana Oaks contract if they just tell her they couldn’t find Junior. Junior, he tells them, doesn’t have much more of a shelf-life anyway and he’ll probably have to burn the persona before hit squads start showing up. But they aren’t having it. The bunraku club is still icking them plenty. They propose to tell the ADA they accidently geeked Junior during a raid – Johnny can keep his legit businesses, but the shady dealings have to die with Junior.

Junior agrees, and even has a body to provide the ADA, thanks to the runners face-smash in the Goblin Market. Seems one of the Bot-Kham thugs tried to catch Azazel’s sword with his mouth and it ain’t pretty. It’s also pretty damn impossible to tell who it used to be, other than “Ork”.

The runners leave the Underground, body-bag in tow. Oaks and Tosh Athack show up as soon as they’re called. Dana’s none too pleased that she’s got a corpse and not a mobster she can put on trial, but Tosh seems pretty pleased that the runner ventilated the bastard. She revokes their bounty-hunter license, but does pay them the half she agreed to on Junior’s death.

Picking up the Pieces


  • 4,000¥ per runner for delivering a dead Junior to ADA Oaks
  • 3,000¥ per runner from Johnny for faking his death.


  • 1 – Tracking Junior to the Gravity Bar without help.
  • 1 – Figuring out Junior is hiding in the Underground without help.
  • 1 – Completing all three of Johnny Torinni’s tasks.
  • 1 – Successfully faking Torinni’s Death.
  • 1 – Good roleplaying
  • 1 – End of story

Faction Rep

No change in any faction – the runners played the middle and didn’t get in better (or worse) with anyone.


  • +1 Street Cred for faking Junior’s death..
  • +1 Street Cred for completing all of Torinni’s tasks


  • Gain Pip as a Contact with Loyalty 1


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