Everyone Wants to Change the World

Rally Cry (part 2)

Down at Metroplex…

Azazel woke to find himself in the latest convict fashion in the holding pens of Metroplex Center. He used his one call to reach out to ‘Imaginary’ Annie Goldsmith, Invisible Esquire, but no luck reaching Seattle’s busiest lady. A pair of rentacops delivered him to Assistant District Attorney Dana Oaks in Interrogation, and she cut the drek after Tosh adjusts the recording equipment. She’s certain Azazel is up to something. Between the results of his last interaction with her and the fact he was reportedly following Congressman James Grey, a known associate of Senator Brackhaven, she’s certain that he’s doing something for Ork Rights Commission or the Ork Underground.

Azazel stays mostly tight-lipped, but does assure the ADA that there are no intentions to assassinate the Congressman or cause any sort of unrest. He also presents a brass set – Oaks either lets him out, or he releases a trid of his capture. She can get the weapons charges dropped, but she can’t get them out of Impound. Azazel leaves Metroplex a free man, with lighter pockets and a warning that the ADA will have his ass for breakfast if he causes any trouble at tomorrow’s rally.

Meanwhile, Back at the (Bunny) Ranch

The remaining members of the team are stunned to see Azazel fumigated so quickly. But, stiff upper lip (and empty pockets), they keep at the run. Their rigger tags the limo and put metal eyes on it, then breaks into the mistress’s commlink to grab the text messages on the device for the last month or so. A quick search gives Chase the info she needs to lean on the mistress. A quick call and they’ve convinced her to roll on the Congressman for some major scratch and a chance to make even more off of press contacts. She entertains Grey long enough for Chase and Touch to sneak in and one of Touch’s spiritual advisors goes all Ghost on the Congressman. He agrees to get in a car with the ‘runners under some flimsy guise of security concerns and they kite him around most of the night after the Rigger bugs up the security cameras at the mistress’s abode to cover their tracks.

The Congressman manages to catch the face of Chase and the Rigger before being black-bagged and no one’s sure if he’s clear-headed enough to remember it.

The Rally

Still wibbly wobbily in the brain, the ‘runners give Athena Tatopoulos and KSAF an exclusive pre-rally interview with the Congressman. He does a good job linking himself, Senator Brackhaven, and Humanis, but doesn’t quite go full ranting bigot. More grade B bigot, but certainly enough to cause a hell of a fracas when the news breaks

Azazel opts to walk the invis’d Congressman into the Humanis rally, trying to keep the metas in the party away from the crazies. The counter-protest from the Ork Rights Commission and Humanis start shouting at eachother and Azazel can see someone’s about to hit blend on this shit-sandwich. He gets the Congressman in place and messages Joe Martin and NewsNet. As they whip the camera into the confused Congressman’s face, some fool pops off a round and a full blown riot breaks out. Knight Errant ain’t having it and descend on the crowd, medium-style. Azazel makes a run for it, remembering ADA Oaks’ threat. He gets bagged, but not tagged, and Touch sends an Air elemental to help him GTFO before Knight Errant return to round up the subdued.

Gettin’ Paid

The runners head to a seedy bar named The Screaming Irishman to get paid, and MacCallister is happy enough with their performance to give em a bit of a bonus from his days as a runner. While leaving Ms. Oaks makes a final appearance and tries to get Azazel to come clean about the riot and the Congressman’s guest-of-dishonor appearance at the rally. Azazel remains tight-lipped, souring his relationship with the ADA.

Picking up the Pieces


  • 10,000¥ per runner for delivering Congressman James Grey into the middle of the Humanis rally
  • -4,000¥ bribe (total) to the Congressman’s mistress for her assistance.
  • A pair of contacts per runner from MacCallister for not alerting the Congressman’s security detail that he was kidnapped. The contacts have flare compensation, thermographic vision, low-light vision, and ultrasound enhancements (not in the 5th ed core rules).
    • Ultrasound: The ultrasound accessory consists of an emitter that sends out continuous ultrasonic pulses and a receiver that picks up the echoes of these pulses to create a topographic ultrasound “map” that is laid over (or replaces) the user’s normal visual sensory input. While ultrasound vision is perfect to “see” textures, calculate exact distances, and pick up things otherwise invisible to the naked eye (like people cloaked by an Invisibility spell), it is less adept at other tasks like perceiving colors and brightness. It cannot penetrate materials like glass that would be transparent to optical sensors.
      The ultrasound sensor can be set to a passive mode, in which it does not emit ultrasonic pulses but still picks up ultrasound from outside sources (such as motion sensors or someone else’s ultrasound sensors on active mode)

Azazel Only

  • Loss of all gear with a Rating of Forbidden (F)


  • 2 – For successfully planting the congressman in the Humanis Policlub rally
  • 1 – For not alerting the security detail
  • 2 – For any increased difficulty of the run
  • 1 – Good roleplaying

Faction Rep

Azazel Only

  • Seattle Government: -1

Those who contacted KSAF

  • NewsNet: -1
  • KSAF: +1

Those who contacted NewsNet

  • NewsNet: +1
  • KSAF: -1


  • +1 Street Cred to each runner for managing to kidnap the congressman without alerting
    his security detail.

Azazel Only

  • +1 Public Awareness for the shootout


All Runners

  • Gain MacCallister at Loyalty 1, or increase by 1 if they already have the contact

Azazel Only

Those who contacted KSAF

Those who contacted NewsNet


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