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Ms. White

All the Feels

A banged and busted up MacCallister hires all but Snow to figure out who’s skragging Ork Underground infrastructure. Before they can even fully discuss the details, another bomb goes off and the runners are off to see what they can gleen from the wreckage.

The runners bump into Topside Construction at the nearest entrance to the Ork Underground. They’re trying to get building supplies down to help rebuild, but Knight Errant is giving them a lot of static. They’ve closed the entrance to keep Topside out. Seems that since Junior supposedly caught cement poisoning, Topside can’t catch a break on Seattle government permits. Ms. White convinces the rent-a-cops to let Topside through, and the runners tag along.

Chummer, talk about a splat-job. Some piece of drek blew up a school, with the kids still inside. The building’s collapsed and Skraacha are frantically trying to dig out survivors that ain’t gonna make it. There’s a lot of desperation and dead kids, the sort of drek that sticks with you like someone slotted you a really fucked up BTL

Joe Martin is getting interviews when the runners show up, but quickly makes an exit. Same for a dwarf named Philip Arloe with the KSAF logo. The runners are rightly off-kilter that the media got here so fast, so they call up Athena Tatopoulos to grab the Know. She spills that her dwarf friend has been on top of all of the Ork Underground events, maybe a little too quick now that she thinks about it. He’s just filed his latest story and then is off for vacation. Athena is sympathetic to the runners, but gets a lot more chatty after she notices files missing from her servers related to the Mr. Arloe’s activities. She does a bit of dancing on the ivories and gives you Arloe’s contact – none other than Captain Jack Turner

Into the Belly of the Beast

A few calls turns out the Turner is now in Knight Errant lockup at a local precinct. And has been there for months. You don’t even need to be on the Law & Order Crime Scene Investigators Special Vicitims Unit: Seattle trid to know that’s sideways. So the runner call a real lawyer, ‘Imaginary’ Annie Goldsmith, Invisible Esquire. She finds out he’s there as part of a deal he’s cutting with the District Attorney’s office. The runners retain Ms. Goldsmith’s services and she helps Ms. White get access to Mr. Turner.

He’s still a piece of drek, but now a piece of drek with swag you need. Ms. White uses her, uh, talents and gets him to spill the paydata – a dropbox out in Tacoma where info is being traded. Ms. White leaves the precinct before she becomes a resident herself, only to find Detective Tosh Athack outside waiting for her. And he’s not selling Policeman’s Ball tickets this time.

The runners convene at the Big Rhino for a lunch-date with their favorite troll. He eats a troll-sized portion of questionable food while his boss, ADA Oaks throws a bunch of static herself. Seems the drek is coming from on high and she’s rolling it right into the runners’ sandbox. They have 2 hours to get out of Seattle before they join Capt. Turner in a Knight Errant holding cell. Insult to injury, Tosh sticks the runners with the bill.

Not one to be pushed around, especially by Seattle government, the runners fake their own vacation. Ms. White calls up her Gumi for some Gomis to pose as the runners off on vacation in Las Vegas. They swap SINs and the patsies are off to Sin-City.

HeadOn! Apply Directly to Forehead!

With hopefully enough runaround between themselves and Oaks, the runners kick it out to Tacoma, not far from Snow’s garage. There’s a metal trashcan there, so Touch does his best Harry Potter, goes invis, and sneaks over to the can. There’s a metal box stuck to the inside of the lid and Touch decides to open it. The blast makes a Touch-sized impression on the wall behind him, but amazingly Touch isn’t cat-food. The explosion draws Snow’s attention about the time a bunch of borgs-on-bikes come roaring down the street to the dropbox. The runners pile into Azazel’s car, Snow jumps in her van, and we’re off to the wacky races.

After a bit of slap-and-tickle, one of the bikers tries to pass Azazel. He politely assists them into a wall, smashing their bike and damn near their everything else. Seems to be the universal sign for “let’s talk instead”. The bikers are just delivery and aren’t going to lose a member for the paydirt. They roll on their Johnson, giving the runners a visual, along with the location where they drop off the info.

The runners, plus Snow, minus Selina, take of to the Chrysler-Nissan plant on the Tacoma- Auburn border. Snow proves her worth in a hurry, listening in on the occupants. The runners storm the place with little trouble, minus a few of Snow’s little metal helpers getting turned to scrap. Poor chummers inside have cranial bombs and pop like watermelons as soon as they nap it. The runners do grab Mr. Magic Fingers as he tries to run. He gives them a sob-story about being sprung out of lockup to do someone’s dirty work. He confirms the image from the Go-Gangers and give the name “Mr. White” (no relation). Beyond that, he knows nothing. The runners take his busted comm, smack him on the ass, and tell him to run for the border. He doesn’t look back.

Snow gets the comm working long enough to get an encrypted datafile off of it. Mac’s happy for the file, and for dusting the drekkin’ bwants that were blasting up the Ork Underground

Picking up the Pieces

Karma is for the player – apply it to all of your characters. All other rewards, Money, Reputation, and Contacts, are tied to the characters involved in the run.


  • 10,000¥ per runner for killing the hitsquad.
  • -5,000¥ per runner for the MCT body-doubles off to Las Vegas.
    • This is be roughly 1,000¥ per week and 1,000¥ of sunk cost for the trip itself. If you choose to travel out to Las Vegas and take their place, it costs your Lifestyle cost for the remainder of the month (at minimum) and not the 1,000¥ per week.


  • 2: For surviving the adventure
  • 2: For killing or capturing the individuals at the end of the adventure
  • 1: For peacefully getting the building supplies through the red-tape jumble
  • 2: For breaking Captain Jack Turner out of jail without violence

Faction Rep


  • +1 Street Cred if the players get the men responsible for the destruction and murders
  • +1 Street Cred if the players get the construction crew and materials to the Ork Underground



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