Tag: Ork Underground


  • Moreau

    *Faction:* Draco Foundation *Connection Rating:* 4 *Knowledge Skills:* Biology, Business, Corporate ([[Megacorporations | MCT]]), Corporate Security, Criminal ([[Criminal Elements | Mafia]]), Parazoology, Procedure (Border Patrols), Procedure ( …

  • Pip

    * Faction: Ork Underground * Connection Rating: 2 * Uses: Navigating the Ork Underground, Buying & Fencing Gear, Street Rumors * Places to Meet: Ork Underground

  • Johnny “Junior” Torinni

    Johnny Torinni is a rare Ork underground success story. Born and raised in poverty, he was determined to make something of himself. He tried enrolling in classes at the local colleges, but was turned away due to his lack of SIN and what he perceived as …