Lon Campa is currently Seattle’s only metahuman mayor, serving Puyallup. He’s an ork with strong support in Carbonado, less among the elven community, although he works hard for all inhabitants of his district. At least some don’t see it that way, since there have been two attempts on Campa’s life in Puyallup since he was elected.

Notable Locations

Underworld 93

Underworld doesn’t really look like much from the outside: a simple ferrocrete building that looks like it should be warehousing machinery, not the location of a nightclub. The only distinguishing features of the club are a simple steel sign outside with the name, and an AR display that is far more impressive blazing the name of the club in bright neon lettering along with the club’s logo: Charon steering a speedboat across the river Styx.. At one time, this was the place to be for Seattle’s who’s who. The attraction for the place has long since faded for younger crowds who are always looking for the next big thing, but the place still retains its reputation as being the place to see some of the hottest music acts of yesterday and today. Jetblack, Shield Wall, CrimeTime, DarkVine, Blitzkrieg, the Psychedelic Phlegmm.


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