Bellevue Mayor Daniel Reynolds has seen a rising political career level off. He was a local businessman who ran and beat disgraced Bellevue Mayor Tian Campbell back in 2056, after Campbell’s ties to the Divine Revenge Seoulpa Ring were exposed. He was re-elected easily in 2060, and again in 2064. Partway through his fifth term, Mayor Reynolds tried running for Governor, but later withdrew from the race for “personal reasons,” and some wonder if he will be able to win reelection for a sixth term this year.

Notable Locations

Mulvihill Hotel

The Mulvihill is a mid-range hotel, reasonably priced, but posing as a more expensive hotel. All the rooms are decent moderately priced suites that run about 150¥ a night. There isn’t a lot of security, though obviously armed and armored runners, or those oddly dressed or styled are stopped and questioned, unless they’re a guest of the hotel.


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