Criminal Elements

The Yakuza

Largely isolated from the Japanese Yakuza, the Seattle-based Yakuza are led by Hanzo Shotozumi. There are roughly three divisions within the Shotozumi-rengo

The Mafia

There’s a blood-drenched, fragile peace between the Yakuza and the Mafia. Currently, Rowena O’Malley leads the Commissione, the council of dons, and is slowly rebuilding and repairing the damage from the long-running Yakuza wars.

The Triads

Chinese-based criminal organizations thick with mysticism and tradition. The Triads deal primarily in vice: drugs, BTL chips, and human trafficking out of Asia. They also run shake-downs in Chinese neighborhoods, smuggle, and murder-for-hire

The Vory Zakone

The Seattle branch of the Vory are led by Aleksander Bilotkiy, called “The Terminator” due to his a heavily cybered appearance. He maintains strong ties with the Moscow Vory.

Their primary focus is smuggling military hardware and immigrants, but they also have a strong Matrix presence. Vory hackers perform credit fraud, data-thief, DDoS attacks, and online scams.

Seoulpa Rings

Remnants of the Yakuza purge of non-Japanese members, a handful of Koreans survived and regrouped in a cells. This made them harder to track down and eliminate. Only two Rings survive as any real threat to power in Seattle.


The elven mafia is made up primarily of elven exiles from Tir Tairngire in the Tarislar neighborhood of Puyallup. They work the less-than-secure Tir Tairngire border, smuggling information, contrabands and ‘little tastes of home’ for elves living in Seattle.

The entire syndicate speak Sperethiel and many practice the elven martial art of carromeleg. They also act as a legitimate protectors of the elven community in Seattle, making it increasingly difficult to get the locals to provide any intel on their operations.

Gang Activity

There are dozens of gangs in Seattle; from groups as big and complex as multinational corps down to thugs on bikes. The two biggest groups in Seattle are the Ancients and the Cutters.

Criminal Elements

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