Ares Macrotechnology

  • Headquarters: Detroit, Michigan, UCAS Ares.png
  • Seattle Division: Ares Seattle, 3600 Evergreen Way, Everett
  • Division Head: Karen King

Ares has a growing presence in Seattle, represented by their new corporate headquarters at the renamed Ares Plaza (formerly Cross Plaza) in Everett. Executive VP of Ares Seattle Karen King, a veteran of the company, runs operations. Ares has played smart in Seattle over the years, building up their presence and investment slowly. Rather than trying to compete directly with local aerospace giant Federated-Boeing, Ares has offered cooperative projects, including research and development investments that are paying off in new materials, control systems, and other engineering the corp can apply to the other markets where it operates.

The blood-red structure of artificial stone and copper-tinted glass near Lake Washington in Bellevue that was Ares’ former corporate HQ now holds their Seattle shipping operations, overseeing all shipping by Ares-owned trucking, shipping, and air-freight companies in and out of the metroplex, reaching all across North America and the Pacific Rim. Ares is the number-one supplier to WeaponsWorld outlets in Seattle, and they have upped their contracts for security and military vehicles in the metroplex, supplying the Metroplex Guard and their own subsidiary, Knight Errant.


  • Headquarters: Tenochitlan, Aztlan
  • Seattle Division: Aztechnology Northwestern Division, Broadway Avenue East and East Harrison Street, Downtown
  • Division Head: Maximilian Lozano


  • Headquarters: Vladivostok, Russia
  • Seattle Division: Evo Seattle (artificial island in Puget Sound, claiming extraterritorial landing rights)
  • Division Head: Mary Luce

Horizon Group

  • Headquarters: Los Angeles, Pueblo Corporate Council
  • Seattle Division: Horizon Group Seattle, 1 Horizon Way, Renton
  • Division Head: Mitchell Dowes

Mitsuhama Computer Technologies

  • Headquarters: Kyoto, Japan MCT.png
  • Seattle Division: Mitsuhama North America, Martin Luther King, Jr. Way and 68th Avenue, Downtown
  • Division Head: Tamatsu Sakura

MCT policy says slow, steady, and utterly ruthless wins the race. Seattle is the headquarters for their North American division, which has steadily improved market share and profits, even weathering the Crash fairly well. They manage the GridGuide system, and have kept the contract with regular upgrades and improvements. The company was quick to embrace the Wireless Matrix Initiative and offer its support in upgrading the system (earning a tidy profit in the process).

Mitsuhama does a brisk trade in magical goods and services in the metroplex, supplying a number of lore stores, university thaumaturgical departments, and private contracts. Their main competition comes from Wuxing, followed by Aztechnology, but MCT still holds the lead in the Seattle magic biz.

Mitsuhama’s newest interest in Seattle is mining; they have their eyes on the mineral resources in areas like the lava fields of Puyallup, and are negotiating land-use deals with the government.


  • Headquarters: Boston, UCAS
  • Seattle Division: NeoNET Northwest, 21st Avenue South and Massachusetts Street, Downtown
  • Division Head: Samantha Villiers

Renraku Computer Systems

  • Headquarters: Chiba, Japan
  • President/CEO: Haruhiko Nakada

If any corporation’s name is mud in Seattle it’s Renraku Computer Systems. Their downtown arcology was supposed to be a crowning achievement of engineering, the nerve center for their North American operations. Now, thanks to some serious fuck-ups and a rogue AI, it’s low-income and government housing for the homeless. The arcology incident and everything that followed were a terrible embarrassment to the Japanese megacorp and a PR disaster of unprecedented proportions. When it was all said and done, Renraku’s board of directors had little choice but to hand what remained of the arcology over to the metroplex government and withdraw from Seattle with what little dignity they had left. They relocated their North American operations to San Francisco.

Saeder-Krupp Prime

  • Headquarters: Rhine-Rhur Megaplex, German Alliance
  • President/CEO: Lofwyr

Saeder-Krupp Heavy Industries has no corporate presence in Seattle … officially.


  • Headquarters: Osaka, Japan
  • Seattle Division: Shiawase Seattle, 6th Avenue South and J Street, Tacoma
  • Division Head: Philip Tan

Telestrian Industries Corporation

  • Headquarters: Portland, Tir Tairngire
  • Seattle Division: Telestrian Industries Seattle, Denny Way and Boren Avenue N., Downtown
  • Division Head: Sean Telestrian

Universal Omnitech

  • Headquarters: Vancouver, Salish-Shidhe Council
  • Seattle Division: Universal Omnitech Seattle, Aurora Avenue and Mercer Street, Downtown
  • Division Head: Donovan Giotti


  • Headquarters: Hong Kong Free Enterprise Enclave
  • Seattle Division: Wuxing North America, Roosevelt Way and 50th Street, Downtown
  • Division Head: Sun Runming


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