The Seattle Metroplex is divided up into ten districts, each of which has a Mayor and a District Council. Mayors and Councilmembers are elected to four-year terms, without term limits. The Metroplex as a whole has a Governor, elected to a four-year term, without term limits.

The Governor has a Cabinet, made up of advisors and metroplex officials. The 21 members of the Cabinet are the ten District Mayors and six Metroplex Commissioners (Public Database, Public Transportation, Public Utilities, Public Works, Race Relations, and Sanitation), plus the Metroplex Treasurer, Attorney General, Police Chief, Fire Chief, and finally the Salish-Shidhe Council Ambassador. The Governor’s Cabinet is a non-voting body, and all of its members other than the district mayors and the SSC Ambassador are political appointees who serve at the Governor’s pleasure.

Elections in Seattle are held every two years, with mayoral races and the election of district representatives staggered so approximately half and one-third (respectively) are up for election during any given election-year cycle. Every other election cycle (or four years) is a gubernatorial election.


Brackhaven Adminstration

The last race for governor in Seattle came down to Kenneth Brackhaven’s “Safety and Security for Seattle” and Josephine Dzughashvili’s “Seattle for Seattleites” independence party movement. It was a tight race, until Dzughashvili suddenly pulled out of the race. Key things he’s done since taking power:

  • FIred Lone Star Security Services and replaced them with Knight Errant, effectively replacing Seattle’s entire police force overnight.
  • Ares, and a number of other mega-corps are covering a large amount of the public works costs via corporate sponsorship
  • Given large tax breaks to Seattle businesses.

Cabinet Members

Metroplex Treasurer
Gerald Marsh
Metroplex Attorney
Daryl R. Godina
Police Chief
Ellen Ward, representing Knight Errant
Fire Chief
Ashley Tront, representing Franklin Fire Services
Commissioner of Sanitation
Furuta Masae, representing Eta Engineering
Commissioner of Public Transportation
Glen Nakatomo, representing Mitsuhama Computer Technologies
Commissioner of Public Works
Natoko Munakata, representing Shiawase Envirotech
Commissioner of Public Database
Alan Horrell, representing NeoNET
Commissioner of Public Utilities
Jeremy Gray Bear, representing Gaeatronics
Commissioner of Race Relations
Jassila Feddersen
Salish-Shidhe Council Ambassador
Margaret Lone Feather


Mayor of Downtown Seattle
Nikola Taul:
Mayor of Bellevue
Daniel Reynolds
Mayor of Tacoma
Francesca Sipple
Mayor of Everett
Matthew Hilcox
Mayor of Renton
Samuel Usinski
Mayor of Auburn
Tyrone Monzo
Mayor of Snohomish
Karl Feddersen
Mayor of Fort Lewis
General John E. Darcy
Mayor of Redmond
Sonya Scholl
Mayor of Puyallup
Lon Campa


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