Seattle Gangs

There are dozens of gangs in Seattle; from groups as big and complex as multinational corps down to thugs on bikes. The two biggest groups in Seattle are the Ancients and the Cutters.

The Ancients

An elf-only go-gang (splashed with a big of magic users) with worldwide chapters. What makes the Seattle chapter especially dangerous is that it’s membership is largely elves kicked out of Tir Tairngire. They’re a big-time smuggling racket, controlling routes all over the North West.

Their leaders are a woman called Sting and a guy called Green Lucifer. The duo have controlled the Seattle Ancients for over 20 years, with no signs of letting up.

The Cutters

The Cutters nearly vanished from Seattle about 20 years ago, but have recently had a resurgence. They maintain a more business-like structure with a ladder of positions and promotions. Their primarily involved with smuggling, but run a protection racket and hire out muscle occasionally.

They’re closely allied with with the Vory, especially since the Vory killed their last leader. Their new leader, Ivan “the Terrible” Janovich seems much more willing to play ball.

Other Gangs

The Spikes

The third largest go-gang in Seattle, the Spikes fought an ongoing war with the Ancients for the top spot for years, so long that their tag was an elf’s severed head with a spike through it. Their leader, a psychotic troll who called himself Lord Torgo, hated elves obsessively.

But times and things change; Torgo died in prison last year, and the Spikes have tired of endlessly losing to the Ancients. They haven’t so much made peace as decided to focus on other things, including making some cred to take care of those fancy bikes and to party when they’re not bashing heads in (although with the Spikes that’s often the same thing). Where the Ancients are fiercely independent and arrogant as only elves can be, the Spikes are eager to work for any syndicate in Seattle that wants them and is willing to pay.


The Halloweeners are a gang that scares even some gangs, especially lately, when their fascination with macabre, over-the-top Halloween imagery seems to have gone to some pretty nasty places. The current leader of the gang is a mysterious figure called Nightmare, dressed up like a slasher out of some hundred-year-old horror flick, complete with glow-in-the-dark plastic skull mask and black leathers covered with straps and buckles and an orange bandana tied around each arm. The look has caught on with the gang, which apes it, often with different masks ranging from hockey masks to cheap rubber Halloween masks. The gang makes its living with a mixture of dealing, arson, petty theft, and violence-for-hire.


The Skraacha formed out of bands of orks in the Underground who got together during and after the Crash to protect their home turf, based on the entirely accurate idea that nobody else was going to do it for them. They got organized after things started to settle down and began patrolling the Underground, a kind of neighborhood watch/vigilante group. They’re a fierce source of ork pride in the Underground and have turned out to be a good outlet for angry young orks looking to bust some heads, giving them discipline and focus. They turn out to support metahuman rights rallies and demonstrations, keep vigils at the Crying Wall, and sometimes go looking for fights with Humanis sympathizers and groups.

Troll Killers

  • Turf: Downtown, near Lake Washington
  • Colors: Red and Green

Like you’d expect from the name, the Troll Killers are pissed off humans whose idea of a good time is collecting ork tusks and troll horns to wear as trophies and prove how manly they are. They started out as the spawn of Humanis supporters and sympathizers in Seattle and became something of a rite of passage; some members of the gang are the second- and even third-generation. Unfortunately for the TKs, their chosen prey got organized and fought back, and the gang took some serious hits from opposition like the Skraacha, forcing them to pull back around their Lake Washington turf.

Seattle Gangs

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